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All The Gear You Need For A Summer Of Exquisite Grilling Experiences

From the heat to the meat—with some plant-based options, too—this is how you’ll keep your guests coming back for more.

With every release of a new version of fire pit, Breeo makes me wonder, "What could possibly be next?" After all, there are only so many ways you can redesign a cylinder that holds very hot materials, so beyond a sear plate, detachable grilling Outpost, and retractable handles, I am fascinated to know where else this company could possibly take the outdoors cooking experience.

Well, it didn't shock me when Breeo announced a new line of outdoor furniture, because it's a logical next step. Perhaps my favorite addition is the X Series Kid's Chair, which is a fantastic choice for the little s'mores lovers and aspiring grillmasters. But to kick off this griller's gear guide, I'm sticking with the pit that does the most.

Breeo X Series 30

The Big Boy of the Breeo family, the X Series 30 is ideal for people who believe the back yard is the only place to properly entertain guests. But as Derek Wolf (aka @overthefirecooking) has proven, this fire pit makes magic when it comes to the grilling experience—I mean, just look at what he does with a tomahawk. All it takes is the Outpost attachment, your food of choice, and a little creativity to make a meal that friends and family won't soon forget. 


Add a few Breeo X Series chairs—a stylish twist on the classic Adirondack—and maybe a couple for the kids, as well as the X Series Table, and now every meal can be prepared and enjoyed outdoors. Although, we might need Breeo to create a powerful portable fan for those hotter days.

PK Grills PK360 Grill and Smoker

For as long as I've been using a grill, adding the PK Grills PK360 Grill and Smoker to my routine made me feel like a beginner all over again, and that is a great thing. For starters, being able to grill and smoke in the same device not only broadens your options, but it also saves a lot of space—especially because this is already a smaller grill than most of the "big boys" out there. 


But for a family cookout, it's an absolute blessing, because the cooking space and spacious, UFO-like shelves won't leave the grillmaster feeling cluttered. Even better, because the cook chamber is constructed entirely from aluminum, the PK360 disperses the heat more evenly, which allows for cooking multiple types of food at one time. And, be it by design or just luck, I have not cooked one bad meal on this thing yet, which makes it a confidence booster, too.

BioLite FirePit+ Cooking Kit

Heading out on that amazing annual camping trip? This is the portable cooking option you'll want for any style of adventure, from a solo excursion to a family retreat, because it is as simple as folding the legs and packing it into the handy travel bag. The BioLite FirePit+ is already one of my favorite products I've ever tested, because it is a compact contraption with smart connectivity that allows users to control the longevity of the flame, so you never have to worry about the fire burning too long or getting out of hand.


The FirePit Cooking Kit, however, is all that and then some. In addition to the cooking grate, this package includes a grill lid with adjustable air vents, a griddle for those early morning pancakes or delicious veggies, and the prep and grill toolkit, which includes a spatula, tongs, and knife. And if that's not enough, BioLite also just introduced the EcoZoom Versa wood and charcoal rocket stove, which adds a single burner option to your campground kitchen so you can make the squad even more treats.

Herd and Grace Aussie Feast

When it comes to trying new cuts, I've always been very scared about cooking wagyu. There's no room for error when it comes to expensive steaks, but the confidence instilled in me by my aforementioned cooking devices made me finally take the plunge, and the results blew me away. Since my local options are always a little "meh" at best, I rolled the dice on the sterling reputation of Herd and Grace, which delivers 5-star Australian steaks in exceptional curated boxes.


The first cut that I grilled—we'll call this a practice run—was the Pure Black Barley-Fed Angus Beef Asada Sirloin Flap Meat, which my wife said was the best steak I've ever grilled. (Both inspiring and mildly offensive now that I think about it.) That success gave me the courage to finally give cooking wagyu a shot, and so I made a pair of the Robbin Island Full Blood Wagyu MB9+ Ribeyes, and my 7-year old son, who always complains about how long it takes to chew steak, ate an entire 10 oz. ribeye faster than anything I've ever seen. "You should make more steaks like that," he mumbled between bites.

And I will. Next on my list is the Herd and Grace Aussie Feast Starter Box, which is currently 50 percent off and includes a beautiful tomahawk, the asada sirloin flap, a Wanderer Free Range Barley Beef MB4+ Porterhouse, and Full Blood Wagyu Premium Ground Beef. This package will undoubtedly be my gateway to one of the bigger curated boxes, too. Especially the magnificent BBQ Box.


NoBull Veggie Burgers

When my vegetarian brother-in-law and his family recently moved back, I knew my traditional grilling routine was about to become a little more complicated. It's great, though, to learn about different styles and preferences, and it is equally beneficial to have a reason to bust out my portable Nomadiq Portable Propane Gas Grill, which doesn't have an extensive history of meat mess like my other cooking platforms. And best of all, as I have learned from many of the resort chefs I've met on my travels, there is some truly amazing vegetarian cuisine to enjoy.


But let's start on the grill with the timeless delight of hamburgers, or veggieburgers in this case. Specifically, NoBull Burgers' incredibly creative patties that come in five flavors: The Original, Madras Curry, Spicy Italian, Savory Mushroom, and Sundried Tomato. Normally, my stomach demands all things spicy, but Savory Mushroom sounded downright fantastic, so on the grill it went. 

And this was one of those moments that proves you can still experience core memories at any age, because I was blown away by how delicious this patty is. I feared I'd have to smother it with hot sauce or maybe sneak a little bacon on it, but no way. This burger is downright phenomenal, and I'm thrilled to try the Madras Curry next.


Before the Butcher Uncut Plant-Based Ground Chorizo

One of my guiltiest pleasures is mixing ground chorizo in everything, so keeping a pack in the freezer is mandatory in my home. Of course, that's not exactly the healthiest diet routine, so feeling the positive vibes from my burger test run, I figured we could see if plant-based chorizo can hang with the real thing and at least take some guilt out of my omelets.


Before the Butcher's Uncut plant-based ground chorizo is downright wizardry. It doesn't necessarily replace the real stuff, but it's so delicious and possesses a mild kick that it has instantly found its own place in my freezer and on my plate. And with breakfast and taco options, I've hardly scratched the surface with what I can accomplish with this delightful brand's offerings.

Bushwick Kitchen Weak Knees Sriracha Hot Sauce Gift Set

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there's a sriracha shortage. As someone who needs hot sauce for every meal, this is a terrible development, but fortunately there are geniuses out there making great things happen. For example, Bushwick Kitchen has its own trio of rockin' sauces, and there's enough for everyone to sweat at every meal. Sure, you can pick one of their excellent flavors, but let's be bold—grab a box with all three.


The Weak Knees Sriracha Hot Sauce Gift Set is certainly a fine choice for Mother's Day, Father's Day, or just about any occasion (use promo codes 4mom23 and 4dad23 for 20 percent off when ordering through the Bushwick Kitchen website), but when my box arrived I was practically running like The Flash to make a basket of wings. 

Oh, and as for those Weak Knees, amateur hot saucers should start simple as opposed to pouring it on. My pro tip is to believe the bottle when it says, "Super Spicy." That kick is legit.

Grill Kilt

Utensils are always important, but you probably already have a set that includes tongs that you'll just randomly click for no reason. What you need is the proper attire, in this case an article of clothing that also acts as a holster for your most important utensils. I speak of the Grill Kilt, my friends, and it is the most glorious apron I have ever owned. 


In all seriousness, the design of the Grill Kilt is phenomenal. There's a pocket for everything, up to and including a cold canned beverage, so you will never find yourself fumbling to grab the right fork or spatula in those crucial moments when wings or a ribeye needs to be flipped or placed on the plate. And while it's not the most important aspect, the look alone is guaranteed to make everyone ask you about it.

That's when you tell them the most important thing: "A grillmaster never shares his secrets."