DSLR vs. Point-and-Shoot Camera

Photo trips for travelers

Can a point-and-shoot camera beat a DSLR? That's a question we hear a lot at ISLANDS. Our staff photographers and contributors do shoot almost exclusively with DSLR cameras -- though ISLANDS senior staff photographer Jon Whittle does take out his iPhone camera from time to time. So on a recent trip to the Falkland Islands, where amazing photo opportunities are all around, ISLANDS editor-in-chief Eddy Patricelli squared off against Mr. Whittle to see if Eddy could take better photos with his point-and-shoot in the DSLR vs. point and shoot battle. When they came back from the Falklands, ISLANDS photo editor Lori Barbely served as the judge and jury (though, thankfully, not the executioner). The result: this all-new ISLANDS Wish List photo book with Eddy's and Jon's best photos, and Lori's ruling on which photos were best. Throughout, she also incorporated great photo tips to help you make the most of your images, no matter what camera you have.