Trinidad What is known for


Trinidad Airport Fly on American Airlines for numerous flights from the U.S. to Piarco International Airport (POS), often with a stop in Miami.

Trinidad Hotels and Resorts The Hyatt Regency recently opened in Port-of-Spain. The hotel is perched on the water in the heart of downtown and has already hosted the likes of President Barack Obama. For a carnival lover, the Hyatt is just far enough from the downtown festivities to decompress, but a short enough walk when you just have to dance. Just outside Port-of-Spain, the Coblentz Inn is a boutique hotel with 16 rooms, many of which showcase significant periods from Trinidad's history, including cocoa farming and cricket. Head up to the Northern Range to stay at the Asa Wright Nature Centre and Lodge, on nearly 1,500 acres of forested land and home to hundreds of birds and native mammals.

Trinidad Restaurants Eat a fried bread and shark sandwich at Bake and Shark huts at Maracas Bay, about a 45-minute drive north of Port-of-Spain. The story goes a mother lived on the beach and struggled to provide for her kids. She took the fisherman's scraps (shark) and got creative feeding them the same meal day after day. Now it's so popular dozens of other vendors sell it, and the kicker: There's always a line.

Trinidad Sightseeing and Tours Dance in the Carnival parade at least once in your life and revel in the costumed excitement. Sample island dishes such as pelau (a stew made with meat, rice, coconut cream, pumpkin and other vegetables) or hike Paria Falls on the north coast with Trinidad's many tour operators. Listen to samples of steel-band music from the leader Len "Boogsie" Sharpe, also called "the Mozart of Pan."

Trinidad Tourism Learn more by visiting the Trinidad and Tobago board of tourism.