The Ultimate Guide to The Bachelor 2014 Filming Locations in Saint Lucia

We always notice when ABC's The Bachelor is shot an island we know well, like St. Lucia. Here's a quick guide to some of the show's spectacular backdrops on the island.

Viceroy's Sugar Beach was the site of Juan Pablo's first seduction on St. Lucia. He spent time in the Rainforest Spa's pavilion then moved to a palatial whitewashed Residence with a private plunge pool for the night.Zach Stovall
St. Lucia's most dramatic rooms are at Jade Mountain. Built without a fourth wall, an open view of the Pitons, and with en-suite infinity pool. On The Bachelor it wasn't used as a fantasy suite. JP had to roll solo in this one, and let's face it: that infinity pool is a waste for one.Zach Stovall
Charming Stonefield Estate was used as an interview location for the girls, and place for Andi to collect all of her ill will toward JP. Her inner district attorney was unleashed, but he deserved it.Zach Stovall
Cue the Marvin Gaye, because a fantasy suite doesn't get any more seductive than one set in the middle of a cacao plantation. The Boucan's four poster beds, wood floors and louvered windows, all stained in chocolate tones, set the scene for a beautiful night, which Juan Pablo still managed to mess up.Credit
Anse Mamin, a 10-minute walk from Anse Chastanet (which is itself down a steep slope from Jade Mountain), is the quietest beach on the property. JP spent some thinking time here, although it’s better suited for a romantic date.Zach Stovall
Anyone remember the rose ceremony? It was held just above in Boucan Restaurant, part of the Boucan by Hotel Chocolat. It's set in a cacao plantation and yes, chocolate is always within reach (in martinis, appetizers, spa treatments). Even the property's infinity pool carries the chocolate theme — it's surrounded in black quartz.Credit