Drink Recipes: How to Make a Gosling’s Dark ‘n’ Stormy

Best Dark 'n' Stormy Drink Recipe

July 26, 2016

Your brain says a Dark ‘n’ Stormy is just rum and a splash of ginger beer. Your heart knows it’s the very soul of Bermuda. Even the law agrees. The nation’s favorite drink, invented by Bermudan naval officers more than 100 years ago, is trademarked in the States. A true Dark ‘n’ Stormy features only one type of rum: Black Seal produced by Gosling’s, the distillery that owns the trademarked recipe and Bermuda’s oldest business. When it comes to ginger beer, choose among homegrown concoctions. The most popular is Barritt’s, which has been around since 1874. Or try Gosling’s version of the soda, unveiled last year to complement the husky rum with a blend of sweetness and spice. Whichever way you mix it, the result is a shot of sunshine. Get more island drink recipes.

Gosling’s Dark ‘n’ Stormy Drink Recipe

Serves 1

  • 1.5 oz. Gosling’s Black Seal rum
  • Ginger beer (Bermudians use Barritts’)
  • Wedge of lime

Put ice in a highball glass, add rum and fill with ginger beer to taste. Garnish with lime wedge.


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