VIDEO: Take A Walk In Maui With Ekolu Lindsey

Ekolu Lindsey knows the dirt across the island of Maui better than most; it's in his blood. He grew up in his father's footsteps tracing inch after inch of their beloved Honokowi Valley in the Northwest corner of Maui. So in 2009 when Ekolu Lindsey's father passed away, Ekolu was named President of Maui Cultural Lands, again following in his father's footsteps. Now, with the help of OluKai, a local Hawaiian shoe company, Ekolu is spreading his vision of a better Maui through their WalkStory program. OluKai's WalkStory highlights local Hawaiians with a cultural vision for the future of Hawaii through the looking glass of the past.

A culturalist, "not an environmentalist," Lindsey spends his time healing the land and the people of the sacred Honokowi Valley which once supported some 600 Hawaiian families. "Take care of the 'Aina and 'Aina will take care of you," explains Lindsey on his mantra of caring for the land. "Without these things that you see, you don't know who you are – we become voices in the wind."

Watch his story above and then find more of OluKai's WalkStorys here.

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