Video: Ultimate New Zealand Adventure Vacation (Part 1)

January 13, 2015

In no time the boys almost lost their copter, most definitely lost their manhood, and struggled with Kiwi slang (vocab test below). Here’s a peek from day one and two on High Peak Station, a farm and adventure lodge ideal for hiking, biking, skiing and hunting. More videos to come.

Kiwis speak English, right? Yeah nah. Answers at bottom.

1. “She’s a woofer, but she also loves bush bashing.”
a. Asthma sufferer, landscaping
b. Organic farm worker, hiking off the beaten path


2. “Are you buggered, dusty or just plain crook?”
a. Tired, hung over, sick
b. Congested, dirty, beaten

3. “I looked for your dunny. Bugger all. Where can I skin a moose?”
a. Shed, what gives, clean my kill
b. Outhouse, none there, go pee

4. “He was a publican, then a panel beater. Now he’s a shiny bum.”
a. Politician, small-group dissenter, man with a cute butt
b. Pub owner, auto-body worker, office jock (sits all day)


5. “Did you shoot a bunny, cough in your rompers or drop your guts?”
a. Pass gas gently, pass gas moderately, pass gas horribly
b. Skip the meeting, get indigestion, throw up

6. “She was a pretty busker. But she was weaned on a pickle.”
a. Hay bailer, raised by dill gypsies
b. Street performer, a sour face (perpetual)

7. “Yeah nah, the tramp was mean. The tucker was choice. Had to squeeze in a kip.”
a. Raunchy woman, lingerie, quick romp
b. Hike, food, nap


Answers: 1. b. 2. a. 3. b. 4. b. 5. a. 6. b. 7. b.


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