Vote Now In Islands March Madness

It's officially March Madness and we're getting into the spirit by pitting our favorite islands against each other. Be sure to vote for your favorites on our Facebook page.

Here are the standings so far:


March 16: Bora Bora vs. Maldives

Winner: Bora Bora

March 17: Jamaica vs. Aruba

Winner: Aruba

March 18: Grand Cayman vs. Bonaire

Winner: Grand Cayman

March 19: Ko Samui vs. Phuket

Winner: Ko Samui

March 20: Florida Keys vs. the Bahamas

Winner: The Bahamas

March 21: St. Barts vs. St. Lucia

Winner: St. Barts

March 22: Kauai vs. Maui

Winner: Kauai

March 23: Bali vs. Fiji

Winner: Fiji


March 24: Bora Bora vs. Aruba

Winner: Aruba

March 25: Grand Cayman vs. Ko Samui

Winner: Grand Cayman

March 26: The Bahamas vs. St. Barts

Winner: The Bahamas

March 27: Kaui vs. Fiji

Winner: [Fiji]


March 28: Grand Cayman vs. Aruba

Winner: Aruba

March 29: The Bahamas vs. Fiji

Winner: Fiji


March 30: Aruba vs. Fiji

Winner: Aruba

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Islands March Madness Winner Aruba
The 2017 Islands March Madness Champion: Aruba | Shutterstock