Wedding Rings You Won’t Stress about Losing on Vacation

Fun-loving, adventurous newlyweds can brave aquatic adventures while not stressing over a lost wedding ring.

October 9, 2019
wedding ring poolside
Hotel pools, lazy rivers, snorkeling excursions—your vacations are packed with ways to lose your valuable, irreplaceable wedding rings. Shutterstock

As the institution of marriage has evolved over the decades, it only makes sense that wedding jewelry would also follow suit. Whereas once it was typical for a man to save up three months salary to afford a proper engagement ring for his betrothed, many modern couples are now exploring nontraditional jewelry options that don’t break the bank–not to mention, wedding rings and bands that are wholly replaceable if lost on the honeymoon!

High Performance Silicone for an Active Lifestyle

Teak ring
Teak’s Womens Silicone Wedding Ring for Sports, Work, Travel, Outdoors, and More Amazon

Perfect to wear to the gym, beach, yoga, crossfit, hiking, and on outdoor adventures, a medical grade, hypoallergenic silicone wedding band is both comfortable and durable. A nonporous finish means that dirt and oil washes easily off, while a breakaway design and resistance to heat means that your ring can withstand the toughest weather conditions without cracking.

Top-Grade, Flexible Comfort

ThunderFit Silicone Wedding Bands for Women Amazon

These cool, trendy wedding bands can provide a great overall alternative to a traditional style ring, or even to just have on hand to swap out when participating in tasks or activities that might risk damaging your primary band. A must for those with an active lifestyle, these flexible silicone wedding rings offer smooth, ergonomic design on the exterior combined with a perfect comfort fit interior design—with flexibility ideal for those with swollen fingers or large knuckles.


Traditional Yet Affordable Sterling Silver Design

BoRuo’s Sterling Silver, Tarnish Resistant Wedding Band Amazon

For those who want the overall feel of a traditional band without investing a small fortune, sterling silver bands look classy while emulating the look of white gold or platinum, and no one will be the wiser. A tarnish resistant finish means that your ring will look as great in five years as it does on your wedding day.


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