What It's Really Like To Spend A Week At A Nude Resort

Clothing-optional destinations always raise eyebrows and elicit giggles, but the business of baring it all is booming at Hedonism II.

I've been stripping down for years. First, as a nude model in art school, then later at clothing optional spas and hot springs along the west coast. I thoroughly enjoyed these brief stints of bare-it-all freedom, so I jumped at the chance to visit Hedonism II in Jamaica.


Located on Negril's famed Seven Mile Beach, Hedonism II (or Hedo, as the regulars call it), is a spot where adult nudists, exhibitionists, and those in the "lifestyle" (AKA swingers) can live out their fantasies—however mild or wild they may be.

"Hedonism II has always been a place where people can let their hair down and have adult fun in a safe, sensual, protected environment," managing director Kevin Levee told me.

Before you go, learn as much as possible. I pored over detailed trip reports and on Adult Travel Forum and Denny P. I also joined a private Facebook group, Our Favorite Jamaican Place (unaffiliated with the resort), which has a good mix of seasoned veterans and curious first-timers.


Most importantly, ask yourself: Is it for you? "Not every individual or couple can do it," says Levee. "But if you know what to expect, it can be the best vacation."

The nude pool at Hedonism II is for guests who didn't bother bringing a swimsuit.
Hedonism II's nude pool is for guests who want to bare it all. | Hedonism II

At Hedo, guests can stay on the "nude" or "prude" side. The former always requires total nudity except in restaurants, where nipples and genitals must be covered; the latter is a clothing-optional scenario. I opted to stay on the nude side.

If you're concerned about your scars, weight, stretch marks, or whatever body hang-ups you have, I pinky swear promise you'll fit in. The minute I stripped down at Hedo, I felt at ease. Sure, people do look, and maybe for a few seconds more than you're used to. That said, the compliments never grew old. Who doesn't want to hear they're beautiful? Regulars are generous with their insider tips and words of encouragement.

There aren't a lot of rules, but respect is an absolute essential. It's crucial that women feel comfortable, and guests, both male and female, go to great lengths to make others feel safe, welcome, and accepted.

The "prude" pool welcomes guests who aren't quite ready to share everything with other guests. | Hedonism II

If you're worried about making friends, one easy way to meet people is to join a hosted trip. These organized groups follow a like-minded theme, like BDSM or burlesque, and typically offer discounted rates, upgraded booze, and special entertainment. Plan to meet people ranging from their 20s to 80s. These folks come from all corners of the world, socioeconomic backgrounds, and religious and political beliefs. Eighty-five percent of Hedonism II's guests are couples, followed by single men, then single women.


There's no pressure to participate in any activity—resort-run or otherwise. Everything about Hedonism II embraces an anything-goes mentality. And guests who are concerned about additional cleanliness and safety in this new era of travel will be pleased to know the resort has made significant changes to its procedures for the sake of offering visitors peace of mind.

"Maybe she wants to wear a revealing outfit and spend time in a sexually charged environment," said Levee. "Or maybe notch it up a bit to wild, where lifestylers can engage in fantasies they can talk about until their next trip."

Hedonism II offers many amenities just like ordinary resorts, including romantic couples massages right on the beach.
Clothing or not, there are plenty of activities and amenities—from water sports to spa treatments—to keep guests occupied. | Hedonism II

A typical day depends upon the individual. Some guests seem to fall into a routine; others go with the flow. Many are naked the majority of the day. On the prude side, flip-flops, bikinis, oversized sunnies, and straw cowboy hats are the beach uniform of choice. The party people tend to stick to the pools while others hang out at the beach. When you've tired of Red Stripe and rum, there are plenty of complimentary activities, including a well-equipped gym, pool tables, tennis, basketball, snorkeling, windsurfing, and Hobie Cats.

And if you're worried about what the neighbors and social media masses will think, you can always slip away to nearby Sandals or Breezes for PG-rated vacation photos.


If you go with an open mind and set clear boundaries and expectations, you should have a total blast. Just don't forget the sunscreen!