Best TSA-Friendly Toiletry Bags for Travelers

Sick of putting everything in a plastic bag? Here’s how to find an approved bag for your bathroom essentials.

Glide through security with ease.Unsplash/Nicola Styles

If you’ve gotten on a plane recently, you know that not only do your toiletries need to be travel-sized, the TSA agent at the gate needs to be able to see them. The other option is to have all your personal items dumped out onto a table and sorted through, so many of us head to the kitchen for a Ziploc bag. But if you want something more durable and secure, here’s what to look for in a toiletry bag.

Lots of Storage

You won't have to fear for a leaky bag, this design has a waterproof zipper closure.Tanto

Ideally, of course, your toiletry bag is TSA compliant while being roomy. The bag can be no bigger than one quart, and it has to be transparent plastic. Don’t forget, though, that you can’t bring anything sized larger than 3.4 ounces onto the plane in the first place, so you’ll have more room to work with than you think. Bring some empty containers and test it out to see if everything fits and is visible, and keep an eye out for bags that cram features into a small space.

Durable Set

This handy set is constructed of thick PVC material—it'll be there for you on many trips to come, go ahead and try to wear it out.Lermende

It should also be durable; after all, this toiletry bag will take a beating, and you don’t want anything to break. Material should be thick, but flexible. Zippers and other closures should be firmly stitched or glued and you should be able to smoothly open the bag without any hesitation or tugging. Straps should be firmly affixed and your hand should be able to fit through them.

Everything You Need

Downsize your liquids with this generous offering.Morfone

Finally, look for any extras that might come with it, such as extra containers for loose items or features that keep your personal items from rolling around. Even if you swaddle them into your carry-on with every soft item you’ve got with you, you can never have too much security. This full set comes with 16 assorted containers for all of your grooming needs such as shampoos, conditioners, lotions and more.