What to Look for in a Durable Windbreaker

A good windbreaker can keep you warm in a pinch. Here’s what to look for.

We’ve all had a moment, on top of a mountain or as the sun sets on a beach, where we’ve felt just a little chilly. That’s a perfect time for a windbreaker, one of the more versatile pieces of outdoor gear. When seeking for the best light jacket, here’s what to look for.

Built to Last

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Packability is a key feature. The ideal windbreaker should have materials and construction that suit being thrown in a bag and heading out the door, whether it's a laptop bag as you're going to work or in your backpack as you set off for a hike. Look for thin but strong materials like polyester that can take a beating and a soaking. Many windbreakers either come with a separate back or can be packed into their own pockets.

Go with the Flow

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Fit should be another factor. A good windbreaker gives you room to move and can fit over everything else you're wearing, while also offering a bit more protection. Look for attached hoods; cuffs and hems you can tighten or loosen; and of course how it feels when you put it on. Hoods should cover your head, but not block your eyes.

Give Them a Hand

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Pockets are another point to consider. When it gets chilly during your workout, a good windbreaker will both keep you warm and be a good place to store your phone, keys, and anything else you need. Zip closures or strong velcro will help keep your stuff in place and the weather out.