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What To Look For In A Good Passport Wallet

Protect your identification and stay organized with a stylish case.

Your passport is your key to getting into other parts of the world, so when you're traveling, it's crucial to have a way to make sure it's not only on hand and easily accessible, but secure as well. Finding the right passport wallet is a crucial investment for the international traveler, and can help a lot in keeping your travels running smoothly.

The Classic

If you're looking for something that's more in line with a conventional wallet , they do come available in passport size. Like a regular wallet, make sure it's roomy enough for everything you'll want to carry around and durable enough it won't start wearing out after a couple trips. And while it may have a classic look, there are wallets out there that come with more modern upgrades like theft protection for an added sense of security.


The Wearable

For those who don't want to carry your most vital documents in your pocket, you could go the wearable route. Something like a neck pouch wallet can be worn like a necklace, then kept under your shirt and away from the prying eyes of potential pickpockets. Obviously, you'll want to find one that's slim enough it can be tucked under clothing without looking conspicuous or awkward, it needs to be functional enough that it will keep your cards and cash organized.


The All-in-one

While larger than a conventional passport wallet, a good zipper case can fit quite a bit before it starts to feel bulky, meaning you can carry around a bit more if the situation calls for it. Along with the usual conveniences like theft protection and hidden compartments, additional features like a wristlet can blur the line between handbag and wallet while helping keep your wallet close to you through every leg of your journey.