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What To Look For When Bringing A Portable Stroller On Vacation

When the kids need a lift, a compact, lightweight stroller keeps a vacation going smoothly.

Family vacations create memories families will cherish for a lifetime. That said, toddlers and young kids will wear themselves out much faster, and will need a stroller. Since lugging your home model through the airport terminal likely isn't your idea of a fond vacay memory, here's what to consider in a portable stroller.

How Easy is Easy?

The ease of use will be the most important thing. Portable strollers have come a long way from the days of being essentially a tiny hammock, with units that can fold down to sizes you can easily strap to the side of a backpack or slide into a diaper bag. Think about where you'll go, what you do, and what else you'll be hauling, and pick a model that will complement your plans.


Does it Hold Up?

How much weight a lightweight stroller can take is another factor. While the weight of your child is one point to consider, as models can be rated between 40 and 55 pounds depending on the design, another is that you'll probably need to tuck a few things in the stroller's storage pocket to keep your hands free. Check the weight rating for the storage pocket and cup holder, if it has one, to keep both you and your kids happy.


Does it Pass the Kid Test?

Accidents happen on vacation. Ice creams fall off the cone, juice is spilled, and so on. Pick a stroller that's easy to clean, with fabrics you can remove and wash, or that will stand up to a quick spot clean, and a frame that you can quickly clean. No matter how great that lunch was, you probably don't want to bring it with you.