What You Need to Know about Golf Club Travel Cases

Loyal, superstitious, or a bit of both, if you’re golfing on vacation, you’re going to want to bring your own clubs.
Baggage area at airport
Traveling with golf clubs can be a hassle, but serious golfers will do what it takes. Shutterstock

Bringing your own golf clubs on vacation can be tricky, but it helps to pick the right travel case.

CaddyDaddy Constrictor 2 Padded Golf Travel Bag Cover with Oversized Pockets - Heavy Duty, Wheeled Golf Bag Travel Cover, Lightweight

No-worry selection

It features 1800D fabric construction with heavy padding at the top to protect club heads. Cinch straps keep the bags intact and firm during travel. CaddyDaddy

For a basic soft case, it should be padded to keep your clubs, or your bag, from getting too dinged up when they’re with the rest of the checked bags under the plane. While you’ll want to make sure it fits your golf bag comfortably, look for one that has lockable zippers. You might find that extra peace of mind worth it knowing your clubs are secure while you’re in the air.

Amazon Basics Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag

Easy to carry

This model features smooth-rolling, inline-skate-style wheels along with heavy-duty curb rails and riveted handles. Amazon Basics

Along with the padding and security, remember that you’ll be lugging this around the airport, so finding one with wheels will make things a whole lot easier. Make sure the wheels are durable enough to hold up to the stress of carrying those clubs around, and that the handle is easy to grasp and fits comfortably in your hand. If it can stand on its own, that’ll make waiting around at the gate for your flight a bit more tolerable, as well.

SKB Cases ATA Deluxe Standard Hard Plastic 48 Inch Long Interior Golf Bag Storage Traveling Case with Wheels and Reliable Secure Latches

Built to last

This one comes with a TSA-approved locking system and industrial strength latches for superior security. SKB

If you’re serious about your golf clubs, then nothing will beat a good hard case to keep them in pristine condition in almost any situation. Aside from the basics like durability, ease of carrying, and overall protection, the most simplistic the design, the more likely it can help make any unforeseen pit stops with the TSA go by more quickly.


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