What You Need to Know about Kid-friendly Tablets

Children can take an entire library with them on vacation, but make sure you have the right device.

You don't want your child to have a lot of screen time on vacation, but sometimes everyone needs a little break.Shutterstock

The tablet might be the most useful invention for parents ever. Books, educational games, and other parent approved materials all fit into a small device, instead of giant bookshelves, and can come along on vacation or appointments. But, of course, children can destroy anything by accident, so you need a tablet that’s kid-friendly.

Standing the Ultimate Test

Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet.Amazon

Most kid-friendly tablets are adult tablets that come with a case designed to take a beating. Ideally the case is both easy for little hands to hold by themselves, and able to take it when said little hands accidentally let go, or chuck the tablet to see what happens. Soft, grippy material will be best, and be sure it's easy to clean.

Keeping It Safe

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Parental controls are also important. Most kid-friendly tablets ship with custom-designed software to keep children away from the more mature parts of the internet, so you don't have to explain an R-rated movie out of nowhere. Tablets will also include a settings menu that allows parents to discreetly check up on which apps kids are using, books they're reading, and so on, a good way to keep track of any book reports that aren't getting done and which games are being played instead.

Packed with Content

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Tablets should have enough room for all the stuff kids will want to store on them. While it's more likely you'll only need enough room for one movie that they'll watch over and over again, you'll also need room for books and games. A good rule of thumb is your own tablet, and if you think they'll be burning through the library quickly, get a tablet you can expand with an SD card or cloud storage.