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What You Need to Know to Start Planning Your First Sailing Vacation

Festiva Sailing Vacations


December 17, 2019
boat deck
Catch some rays, enjoy the company of great friends or even get lost in the pages of a good book. Festiva Sailing Vacations

Imagine exploring crystal blue waters, snorkeling among untouched, spectacular coral reefs, walking along secluded white sand beaches, and spending your days relaxing on a luxury catamaran. It’s time to start making your dreams a reality – all these things are in store for you when you plan a sailing vacation!

the bow
Enjoy the breathtaking views from the bow of your very own luxury catamaran. Festiva Sailing Vacations
No sunset will compare to the ones you’ll find at sea. Festiva Sailing Vacations

For those who have never experienced it, the adventure is quite hard to define. Sure, you can share pictures of the beautiful sites and the amazing sea life, describe the many different islands, beaches and local hotspots you explored…but what you can’t quite articulate is the feeling you get as you sail throughout some of the most spectacular island locations in the world. It can be described as intoxicating, exhilarating and many times even life altering. One thing that’s for sure – you can positively say that this is unlike any other vacation you’ve ever experienced and like none that you will ever experience again…that is… until your next sail!

When you compare the experience of taking a crewed all-inclusive charter vacation to that of a cruise line vacation, other than the fact you are sailing the open seas, the similarities end there. Each year, millions of people climb aboard a huge cruise liner and begin the journey of lines, crowds and buffets. At Festiva Sailing Vacations, we want to help you think outside of the box and discover the adventure of all-inclusive crewed chartering! Follow us as we rethink your typical cruising vacation and explore just why a vacation like this can be your next memory maker.


Choosing a destination

First and foremost, one of the main benefits of taking a crewed sailing vacation is that no matter where you choose to sail, you will always get the opportunity to see that area’s sights from a perspective that can only be found on a yacht.

The open water, like you’ve never experienced before. Festiva Sailing Vacations

Where cruise liners are restricted to ports of call, private sailing vessels can reach quiet locations that are often away from most of the hustle and bustle you’d typically see. At Festiva Sailing Vacations, we sail on catamarans which offer a unique point of view because their “draft” or depth that they sit on in the water is only about 4 feet. This offers the ideal size for gaining access to secluded island locations, something a cruise liner cannot. Having this access allows for easy trips to gorgeous beaches, local beach bars and shopping or even just a great, safe point of access for taking a dip in the water.

Weather patterns and sailing

After setting sail, you’ll want to keep in mind that you are not venturing out in to the high seas on some sort of transatlantic journey. The experience of chartering a private yacht is much more about island hopping. Enjoy going from one beach to another, stopping along the way to have lunch beachside, take in the sites, and experience some top-notch spots for diving and snorkeling.

Festiva Sailing Vacations
Enjoy island time while a chef prepares fabulous meals during your trip. Festiva Sailing Vacations

While sailing times do vary, many times your journey from one spot to another is within eye shot. In the British Virgin Islands, you’ll explore some of the best sailing waters in the Caribbean which are all well protected by the islands. Water temperatures in the British Virgin Islands tend to be perfect, almost like sailing in a bathtub, which makes the BVI one of the most popular sailing destinations.

Festiva Sailing Vacations
Explore the beauty of underwater marine life Festiva Sailing Vacations

What’s included?

At Festiva Sailing Vacations, we work hard to set the standard when it comes to all-inclusive sailing trips. When you sail with us, our fully crewed, all-inclusive experience is often described as “mindless relaxation”. Guests pay one all-inclusive price for seven days aboard one of our luxury yachts – the rest, is up to us! Sailing packages vary per destination but include onboard sporting equipment, a meal plan, open bar and captain and chef.

sea kayak
Hop on one of our sea kayaks and start exploring! Festiva Sailing Vacations

We want to make sure this is the trip of your dreams. Our boats can be reserved by the stateroom (with a guaranteed sail) or by full yacht. With each of our stateroom packages, we’ll ask you first to fill out a preference form telling us some specifics about you and your vacation expectations. If you are reserving just one stateroom, we then match you up with other couples with similar interests and expectations. This information will also give us insight on the types of activities you would like to participate in, any specific information regarding dietary restrictions, requests and beverage likes or dislikes. We’ll also consider any special events like birthdays and anniversaries to help make your experience with us even more memorable.

Festiva Sailing
Join us and sail away on the adventure of a lifetime. Festiva Sailing Vacations

Festiva Sailing Vacations offers diverse itineraries in the British Virgin Islands, St. John, and the Greek Isles. We invite you to join us on a week-long excursion that guarantees not only a world-class experience, but excitement and adventure that promise a lifetime of memories. Contact Festiva Sailing Vacations today and start planning the vacation of your dreams!


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