Wish List 2010: Iceland Wonder

Iceland made the list of 12 island destinations on the ISLANDS Wish List 2010 in the December issue. See the two-page spread from the magazine below as well as why it made the list and which resort our editors recommend for your Iceland trip.

Iceland Wonder
This island ­country sits atop the seismically volatile Mid-Atlantic Ridge, which acts as a great rumbling geothermal engine of natural wonders: volcanoes, geysers, sulfur pits and mud pots. That's not to mention the capricious Viking spirit they inspired. The waterfall Skógafoss creates a nearly constant rainbow on sunny days and flows out across fields that burst with ­verdant rad- iance as only a landscape ­escaping a long cold winter can do. Think what it will do to your dreams.

Best Dream Resort on Iceland: Hotel Ranga
"In southern Iceland, the glaciers, mountains and waterfalls surround you. This log-cabin-with-luxury hotel just off the famed Ring Road is the perfect place to take it all in. After every snowy adventure, Rangá was waiting to warm me up with a glass of red wine and Icelandic lobster. The on-site ­restaurant's three glass walls let in ­panoramic views throughout dinner. If you're lucky, the northern lights will come out to play afterward while you're soaking in one of the open-air hot tubs." — ­Ashley Fraxedas, editor
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