World's First Underwater Bar

Subsix Underwater Bar
Per Aquum Resorts

Subsix lies six meters below the surface of the Indian Ocean and opens this October at Per Aquum's Niyama resort. To get there you board a water-taxi, or brave a long swim from the beach. Once docked, a staircase takes you below the surface. The room opens to stunning floor-to-ceiling views of manta rays, parrot fish, turtles and other exotic life. In the back lies the clubs DJ console and bar.

The structure itself was built entirely on land, before being sunk into place. Niyama's resident marine biologist, Luke Gordon, has implemented a coral regeneration program promoting growth and recolonization around the new bar similar to Huvafen Fushi's already succesful program. Guests also have the opportunity to adopt coral, and learn more about the resort's protected reefs.

Rooms at Niyama Resort start at $650 a night, and go upwards of $3000 for their ocean pavilion. If you find that a little out of your price range, grab your iPod and head to your local aquarium. Not quite the same, but the price is right.

Underwater Bar

Underwater Bar