Treat Nausea On Your Next Cruise With This Natural And Delicious Remedy

When you book a cruise, you do so expecting a vacation filled with adventure, relaxation, and luxury. However, for many, the rolling waves can also bring an unrequested oceanside amenity: sea sickness. Nausea on the high seas is a common concern for travelers with a sensitive stomach, but fear not, nature offers a simple and tasty solution — green apples. These crisp, tart fruits have long been a secret weapon for sailors and frequent cruisers. Not only are they readily available on most cruise ships, but they also provide a natural way to alleviate queasiness without resorting to medication.


This old, reliable remedy is so trusted that cruise lines often send their guests green apples when they report feeling ill due to sea sickness. Plus, since green apples are rich in fiber and vitamins, they are a light and healthy snack option. This can be a refreshing break from the (often rich) meals served aboard. If you don't have anti-nausea medication on hand or just would prefer something made by Mother Earth, grab a green apple.

Why are green apples so good for nausea?

Cruise ship crew members and passengers have long testified that the use of green apples alleviates the discomfort of seasickness. Though there is no one, proven reason for why this is, it's thought that a key part of the apple's anti-nausea effects comes from its high concentration of pectin. When this soluble fiber moves through the intestines, it thickens into a gel-like substance. This is believed to slow your digestion and provide relief from nausea.


It's also thought that certain antioxidants in apples prevent the body from enacting its gag reflex. While green apples provide a particularly sour taste that some credit for soothing nausea, sometimes nausea can make it hard to munch on anything. If you get hungry but this is the case, another great option with similar benefits is applesauce. This is a more palatable, mild-tasting snack option when you need some caloric energy but the thought of eating makes you queasy.