Kylie McCreary

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Madrid, Spain
New York University, Santa Monica College, Freie Universität Berlin, University Of California Santa Barbara
Life Abroad, International Travel, Spanish Language And Culture
  • For the past four years, Kylie has worked as a writer for various digital news publications and audio productions.
  • As a remote freelancer with a passion for travel, she has spent over a year traveling and living in 10+ European countries.
  • Throughout her adventures abroad, several islands captured her heart including Avşa Island in Turkey; Korčula Island in Croatia; and Tenerife in Spain.


From the time she was 16, Kylie has written for various multimedia publications. While studying at the University of California, Santa Barbara, Kylie worked for a number of school organizations, including KCSB News, The Daily Nexus, and Her Campus, primarily covering topics pertaining to women's issues. In her senior year, Kylie was selected to work for the Women's Center at UCSB, where she coordinated and hosted events intended to connect with genderqueer and women identifying students. In addition, Kylie has worked as a senior script editor in the podcasting industry. Some of the podcasts she has led in scriptwriting include "Finding Founders" and "Action Items."


Kylie began her college degree at NYU and finished it between Santa Monica College, UCSB, and Freie Universität Berlin. In each institution, Kylie studied the most profound writers in history as an English major, all the while learning from the unique cultures she encountered with each transfer.

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