This Island Just May Have The Best Snorkeling In The Whole World

Many incredible adventures await you in the Cayman Islands, but you won't want to miss one in particular: snorkeling. Like many Caribbean islands, Grand Cayman, the largest of the Cayman Islands, has earned a strong reputation for its tropical weather, beaches, and coral reefs. Strange and wonderful creatures fill its biodiverse underwater landscapes, and you can explore them all with your mask and flippers.


The clear water makes Grand Cayman perfect for snorkeling. Under the right conditions, you can see up to 100 feet away from you underwater, providing ideal views of the coral reefs and marine animals passing by. You just have to take care to snorkel safely around reefs so you can observe everything unfolding in this incredible ecosystem without harming the many life forms going about their lives below you.

Grand Cayman has no shortage of fantastic snorkeling opportunities, whether you've been snorkeling for years or it's your first time in tropical waters. Whether you prefer to swim amongst the fish that make their homes in the coral off Cemetery Beach, explore a shipwreck, meander through the shallows at Starfish Point, or take a boat out to the Barrier Reef, the underwater worlds waiting just beneath the waves will surely enchant you.


Creatures you might encounter on your Grand Cayman snorkel adventure

Many people come to snorkel at Grand Cayman to experience the colorful living landscape of the coral reefs for themselves, but the most exciting sights under the water are the creatures that make their homes there. Hundreds of species of fish live in the sea around the island. While snorkeling, you might spot vibrant blue tangs sucking algae off of the reef, tiny frog-faced jawfish poking their heads out of the sand, vividly colorful parrot fish snapping at the coral with their beaks, and enormous schools of shimmering silversides.


You'll encounter more creatures than fish and coral living in these waters. There are numerous sea turtles around Grand Cayman, so if you're snorkeling near the reefs, you may see them slowly paddling through the water. If you're fortunate, you might be able to spot a Caribbean reef octopus changing color — but it's tricky since they usually only come out at night. The ocean also houses many rays, including stingrays, southern rays, and eagle rays. You don't want to miss seeing them shuffle across the seafloor or soar through the waters above! Remember not to feed, startle, or touch these creatures while snorkeling so you don't inadvertently change their natural behaviors.

Unforgettable snorkeling spots around Grand Cayman Island

Grand Cayman Island has some of the best snorkeling spots in the world, so you can't go wrong no matter where you decide to go into the water. That said, you won't want to miss a few unique locations. Coral Garden and Barrier Reef offer incredible opportunities for snorkelers to admire the many tropical fish and marine animals that thrive in the ocean around the Cayman Islands.


Not all Grand Cayman snorkeling takes place over reefs. For a location that is perfect for beginners, head to Starfish Point. Since you can usually see some starfish just by walking in the shallow water, this is an excellent choice if you have children with you. Just remember not to let them pick any up!

For more of a challenge, try making your way to the USS Kittiwake shipwreck! This ship didn't sink there; it was donated to the Cayman Islands to serve as an artificial reef for sea creatures to inhabit. While snorkelers can't go inside the wreck as divers do, it rests in shallow water close to shore, so you should get a good look.