Try This Simple Hack To Avoid Crowds At Busy Beaches

If you've ever tried braving the beach right during peak summer, then you must know firsthand how it's next to impossible to chill and relax on the shore. The quest for a roomy spot to accommodate you, your companions, and your beach gear feels like finding a needle in a haystack, and being amid the throngs of other beachgoers is enough to cause stress and may even prompt you to retreat. The solution seems obvious: just swing by some other day, ideally on a weekday when people are at work and in school, or perhaps when the weather is a bit chillier so they are less inclined to go out in the sun. If you find neither option appealing, there's another way to enjoy a beach day that doesn't involve surrendering to chaos: doing the backward beach day hack.


This tip, popularized by travel influencer @KelseWhatElse on TikTok, isn't so much a hack but more of strategic timing for enjoying a day at the beach. While it's geared toward families traveling with kids, it works for everyone, too. The idea behind it is instead of the usual way of heading to the beach in the morning and staying there until sunset, aim for a mid-afternoon arrival when the crowds have begun to disperse and the sun is less punishing. This way, you'll have a more comfortable time, and you'll have better chances of securing prime beach real estate where you'll actually get to have fun in the sun like you intend to.

Planning your backwards beach day

Having a relaxing day at the beach and relishing in beach bliss doesn't necessarily mean limiting yourself and only going there during off-peak season. It's simply timing your visit to the afternoon or doing your planned beach day "backwards." Influencer @KelseWhatElse noted that this is especially effective when traveling with kids, as they tend to be less fussy later in the day. "The UV index is lower, we don't have to bring umbrellas, the crowd is lower, we're not fighting naps, and no more tired screaming children at dinner time," she noted. And if you're stumped as to what to do in the morning, you can fill that space with other fun activities, like visiting nearby parks, trying out a local restaurant, and checking out other attractions. "Pack up your dinner for a beach sunset picnic," she suggested.


The downside, however, is that it's nearing dusk when you get to the beach in the afternoon, a time that may not be as conducive for swimming. Still, it's a fair tradeoff if it means you'll get to dodge swarms of people. Then again, if you insist on going in the morning, a way that you can try to avoid crowds is by walking upwind. One Chel of An Adventure noted that beachgoers attempting to find a free space on the beach have the tendency to walk with the wind, so all you have to do is head in the opposite direction as them. It's not a guarantee, of course, but you might just get lucky.