One Household Staple You Should Pack For Your Stay At An All-Inclusive Resort

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As you get ready for your all-inclusive resort vacation, it's important to think a little outside the box. Besides creating a checklist of all your travel essentials, consider what activities you'll partake in. Whether you're staying at a luxurious resort in Fiji or an overwater bungalow in Mexico, you'll likely be sipping some tasty beverages under the sun. That said, a lukewarm cocktail or lemonade could easily add an unpleasant flavor to your trip. To avoid this meltdown, consider packing an insulated tumbler.


Insulated tumblers offer various benefits besides keeping your drink chilled. In a Reddit thread for all-inclusive resorts, travelers shared their perspectives and experiences with this accessory. Describing a tumbler's many advantages, one user wrote, "I see it as a win/win. Easier on the bartender to make one big drink rather than 3 separate ones, my drink stays cooler longer, and I only wait at the bar once instead of 3 times." Someone else noted that (unlike open cups) it's less susceptible to spilling as you're on the go. Beyond that, a reusable tumbler is a great, eco-friendly alternative to a disposable cup at a resort.

Top insulated tumblers

Many all-inclusive resorts have long used polystyrene cups to hold drinks, which aren't the most environmentally friendly option. However, several places, like the Caribbean island of Dominica, have recently banned single-use Styrofoam and plastics. With new regulations, reusable cups could eventually become the norm for resorts. As the world and travel industry continues to evolve, it's not a bad idea to bring your own insulated tumbler.


In 2023, The New York Times' Wirecutter compared 16 tumblers and named the 20-ounce Hydro Flask All Around Tumbler as the best overall choice. Aside from providing great insulation and protection, this drink holder garnered praise for its appearance as well as having a comfortable grasp. The stainless steel tumbler, available in several colors, is also dishwasher safe. In addition, Bubba tumblers are a popular brand pick among resort guests. This 24-ounce pack of two is specifically designed for beach days. Just like the Hydro Flask, it's made from stainless steel. The Bubba insulated travel tumbler features a BPA-free lid and a straw. Both options are less than $40, so they won't break the bank either.