The Most Delicious Places To Eat In The Bahamas, According To Reviews

The Bahamas spread from east of Florida toward the eastern part of Cuba. The nation consists of around 700 islands and islets, though only about 30 have people living on them. Tourism equals big business, leading to a wealth of eateries for visitors to choose from — to the point that narrowing down where to dine can be difficult. The majority of Bahamas tourists arrive by sea. Almost half of the visitors choose New Providence as a destination, home to the giant cruise port of Nassau and next to Paradise Island.


Nassau functions as the biggest hub of all the islands, with more than half the country's population living there. However, visitors will also find fine establishments for meals all across the country, serving Asian, Mediterranean, and other cuisines. Sampling the food is one of the best things to do in the Bahamas. Many businesses offer local fare, with specialties like stewed fish, conch salad, and peas and rice. Using ratings from sites like Tripadvisor and information from Facebook pages, we've compiled a selection of places where meals are sure to delight.

Athena Cafe & Bar - New Providence Island

It's a short walk from the Nassau cruise terminal to this Greek restaurant. Given this, the restaurant can get busy with cruise customers when ships glide into port. Expect standard classics on the menu, from dolmades and spanakopita to fried calamari and Greek salad. Access to the entrance has proven a little confusing for some visitors, as diners must enter a jewelry shop and then walk upstairs to the restaurant. One Google reviewer called the spot "a bit odd," though they were quick to describe the fried conch and squid as "amazing."


Athena Cafe and Bar offers outdoor seating in a covered porch area for travelers who like to eat al fresco. You'll encounter simple decor, with wooden tables, sometimes bare, alternatively covered in checked tablecloths. A New Providence resident commented on Tripadvisor (where the restaurant scored a 4.5 based on more than 950 reviews), "Went to lunch at Athena Cafe today and cannot believe what I have been missing out on for years. Nothing fancy, but simple, delicious Greek food served promptly and with warm, attentive service."

Banana Bay - Grand Bahama Island

This relaxed beachfront joint offers local cuisine. Banana Bay sits on the south coast of Grand Bahama Island by Fortune Beach. The popular lunch destination offers fresh banana bread as one of its specialties. The Wacky Frozen Banana cocktail serves as an additional draw, keeping with the banana theme. The restaurant itself is quite casual, with wooden picnic tables out by the sand and a pink pastel building behind it.


A reviewer on Tripadvisor said, "What a great lunch spot! Food and service was outstanding, we had conch 3 ways and they were all delicious. Fritters, chowder & cracked. Stunning scenery too." Beach loungers allow visitors to retire to the sand after a meal and digest before sliding into the clear turquoise waters for a swim. A user on Google, where Banana Bay scored a 4.6, opined, "The very best of everything. Great service, great food, great prices, and an amazing beach. Banana Bay is a must stop!"

Bon Vivants - New Providence Island

While not strictly a restaurant, this cocktail bar has desserts, bar nibbles, and many cocktails. It's located in the northwestern part of Nassau, near Sandyport Beach, so cruise visitors would likely need a taxi to reach it. Inside, Bon Vivants presents a tableau of colors and patterns. Bar staff wear shirts with colorful prints, while lights above the bar enhance the polish of its gleaming wood. Seating ranges from bamboo chairs to brightly upholstered couches.


The drink menu includes coffees, teas, Negronis, mocktails, rum-based cocktails, at least 100 whiskies (from America, Ireland, Scotland, and Japan), and more. A contributor on Tripadvisor, where Bon Vivants scored a perfect 5.0, wrote, "Awesome hidden gem, this cocktail bar is exquisite." Hungry visitors can order from the eclectic range of bites, with beef patty, spinach and mushroom quiche, empanadas, and wasabi peanuts among them. Even the food receives plaudits. A Google review gushed, "Great coffe shop during the day. Best quiche I ever had!"

Cabbage Beach Bar & Grill - Paradise Island

This relaxed spot on Cabbage Beach offers two menus—one Indian and one with classic bar food. The open-air restaurant has a refreshingly simple set-up. High chairs surround skinny circular tables, and wood beams and posts are painted a pretty turquoise shade, a reflection of the waters all around the Bahamas. Larger picnic tables, in blue and white, are good for groups that want to eat or drink together on an uncovered patio.


Cabbage Beach Bar & Grill has scored a 4.5 on Tripadvisor, where one contributor said, "This little gem is tucked away on Paradise Island and feels like a bit of an escape. The staff is wonderful and makes you feel like family." Visitors can order standard Indian rice, meat, and vegetable dishes, as well as fries, onion rings, wings, and plates of prepared conch. According to one Google reviewer, "They have a good menu that includes some of the best indian food we've ever eaten.. and we love Indian food."

Cocoplum Bistro - Great Exuma

A balanced list of French wines serves as one of many lures for the beachfront Cocoplum Bistro on the east coast of Great Exuma. The fusion cuisine merges Bahamian and French flavors (the chef is French) in all three daily meals. Diners who come for lunch have the benefit of being able to use the beach and pool of the nearby Paradise Bay Bahamas hotel. A customer of Cocoplum Bistro wrote on Google reviews, "One of our favorite spots for dinner on the island! French inspired with daily specials on a great beach with beautiful sunsets. What else could you ask for?"


Prepare to encounter artfully presented food, with plates filled with vibrant vegetables or lobster tempura accented by a slender slash of emulsion. On Tripadvisor, a contributor noted what sets Cocoplum apart: "Most Exuma restaurants fall in the spectrum between 'unassuming Mom and Pop places' and 'beach shacks.' Cocoplum Bistro is definitely an exception to this rule; it was the one restaurant we visited which delivered a classy feel. The ambience is very nice, both inside and out. The menu also shows some imagination."

Crab'N'Tings - New Providence Island

The name says it all. Seafood takes a starring role at this shack by Junkanoo Beach that you'll want to add to your Nassau, Bahamas itineraryCrab'N'Tings customers can order fish and stretch out on the beach, soaking in the sea view while nibbling on the fresh marine bounty served in take-out containers. A Google reviewer noted, "Everything was made fresh!! The Conch balls were was cooked perfectly! Wonderful blend of local seasoning. The fried shrimp was so fresh, it's almost like they just got them from the ocean 50 feet away. 5/5 experience!"


The shack has a basic set-up, with a small beachfront hut painted lime-green. Menu items include conch balls, baked crab, fried fish, fries, beer, smoothies, and signature alcoholic drinks, one with a particular unique name. It's a popular stop for cruise passengers—the port is close enough that diners can see their ships from the beach. Many reviewers praise the service and ambiance. One Tripadvisor commenter titled their review, "I smile just recalling the experience."

The Dunmore Clubhouse - Harbour Island

Part of the Dunmore Hotel, this dining room has a retro-chic look and a Mediterranean menu that features local seafood. It's the kind of place diners go for a special occasion. As one review on Google put it, "Incredible atmosphere, great service, good food, and remarkable views. This place is out of the movies. The grounds are perfect and the staff treat you like royalty." The interiors have a sense of storied grandeur. Diners sit in white, high-backed wooden chairs or striped banquettes that line the walls, while white tablecloths sometimes top the tables.


Shelves packed with an assemblage of black-and-white framed photos add a sense of nostalgia to the scene. The view out front takes in a pink-sand beach. While the Clubhouse serves breakfast only for hotel guests, it opens up to everyone for lunch and dinner (though you'll need a reservation for the latter). During certain times of the year, the Clubhouse enforces a dress code, with pants and collared shirts required for men.

Flying Fish GastroBar - Grand Bahama Island

Opened in 2012, Flying Fish GastroBar, which sits by turquoise-emerald waters, began its life as a fine-dining establishment. The vibe skews more casual now, but reviewers have made it clear that the dedication to quality remains. The decor features compact wooden tables, black chairs, and sleek ceiling fans. An outdoor patio, shaded by trees, offers water views. Daily specials often focus on fish dishes, and the restaurant has an extensive wine list. Meals include seafood topped with generous helpings of greens and burgers and fries on a wooden chopping board.


Seafood takes center stage in the appetizers, with calamari, lobster, and crab among the options, though meat and vegetable dishes also fill out the menu. Cocktails include the Flying Fish Punch, made with rum and fruit juices, and a margarita with cilantro and mango. Writing on Tripadvisor, a diner stated, "From the service (amazing from start to finish) to the food and location I have never been disappointed. Highly recommend for anyone looking for an exceptional meal in a beautiful location!"

Front Porch - Eleuthera

You can order local dishes at this restaurant on the waters of Hatchet Bay. Front Porch has a breezy air, with wooden tables and chairs on wooden floors, providing views of the water and coastline. A Tripadvisor contributor said, "The chef owner was incredibly welcoming and made my Wife and me some of her fantastic Guava honey Wings. We ate Conch and curried Lobster just the 2 of us looking out on Hatchet Bay and were made to feel like we were eating in a private dining room."


The restaurant's exterior features bright, tropical island hues, with the entryway posts painted in turquoise. Visitors will find a casual ambiance inside. Dishes include fish, crab, and shrimp, sometimes served with rice and vegetables. A commenter on Google wrote, "Food was delicious! We had crab claws, shrimp, wings, and salmon, and the banana bread and ice cream was fantastic! Our kids LOVED everything about this quaint place."

Joe's Conch Shack - Bimini

Despite message board posters decrying owner Joe's unfortunate death in 2024, this beachfront shack endures. Head to Joe's Conch Shack during your three-day getaway in Bimini for conch salad and fritters. A Google reviewer called the food "Absolutely delicious! They literally take it out of the shell right in front of you, cook it, then give it to you to eat. Fresh, delicious and wonderful! Great people. Wonderful atmosphere. Very authentic." As the name suggests, visitors will find a bare-bones white hut with graffiti scribbled all over the exterior and stickers plastered around the walls.


A few tables and chairs allow diners a place to enjoy the fresh conch fare that has become a hallmark of this business. The giant mound of conch shells by the water is an eye-opening sight, a testament to the turnover generated by this low-key enterprise. On Tripadvisor, a customer said, "Hands down THE BEST Conch Salad on the planet! SO fresh SO delicious: conch/peppers/hint of onion/loads of squeezed lime,...sheer perfection!"

Kyma Seafood Grill - New Providence Island

The menu at Kyma Seafood Grill features Greek staples and some internationally accented specials. Diners can order dishes like saganaki, tzatziki, and halloumi salad, as well as more eclectic plates like wasabi tuna tartare, chicken taquitos, jalapeño scallops, and kimchi mahi mahi. A diner on Google wrote, "The food was 10/10 I mean wow! I think this is by far the best food I've had in a upscale dining restaurant in Nassau." The restaurant also concocts a wide array of cocktails, such as the Greek spritz, which combines mastika, grapefruit tonic, basil, and cucumber.


The eatery is located in the island's western part, closer to the airport than the cruise hub. Patrons who enjoy tunes accompanying their food should visit on weekends when live music serenades guests. On Tripadvisor, a reviewer called Kyma Seafood Grill a "Taste of Island Perfection," continuing, "The variety of dishes we tried, including the ginger chicken wings, sea bass, lamb, and chicken kebabs, showcased phenomenal quality and taste."

Louis & Steen's Market Orleans - New Providence Island

Louis & Steen's functions more like a food market than a traditional sit-down restaurant. The intimate spot also features Louisiana specialties on the menu — for example, visitors can get beignets with their coffee. On Google, a commenter posted, "My wife had the shrimp ettoufee with grits and andouille sausage. This was seasoned perfectly and tastes like it was right from a kitchen in New Orleans. I had the smoked salmon lox bagel. We had a side of the Cajun marbled potatoes. The seasoning on these potatoes definitely were Cajun and we LOVED IT!!" Due to Louis & Steen's proximity to the airport, some commenters suggest fueling up there before a flight, though it closes at 3:30 p.m. during the week and remains shut on Sundays.


Browse the menu, and you'll find Cajun crawfish, jambalaya fried rice, Cajun shrimp po'boy, a range of breakfast sandwiches, and a generous selection of coffees. The hall also serves prepared products in a space with plants and warm lighting. On Tripadvisor, where it secured a 5.0 based on more than 250 reviews, a reviewer wrote, "The cutest cafe with incredible food and absolutely incredible staff. We came here practically everyday during our stay because of how much we loved it."

The New Duff - New Providence Island

The name of this place might hold a special meaning for a local. A quintessentially Bahamian dessert, guava duff consists of steamed pudding made with flour, spices, guava, and other ingredients. The New Duff reimagines the classic, presenting it more like a steamed dumpling, but it has more than just this item on the menu. Guests can order breakfast sandwiches and buns stuffed with Caribbean staples like jerk chicken and curry mutton. On Tripadvisor, where the restaurant has earned a 5.0 from more than 290 reviews, a customer wrote, "Excellent service and tasty products. The soursop crush was a wonderful choice for a ice tea on a hot day. Would also recommend the stuff jerk chicken stuffed buns." 


The restaurant bills itself as a bakery, tea shop, and museum and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The exterior boasts white and blue on the walls and tables, brightened by red-and-white striped awnings. One Google reviewer appreciated that the business leaned into its roots, explaining, "We went to Duff and learned that it's not simply great food, but there's a deep history attached to the 'guava duff.' When you read the stories on the display wall you can learn about the origin as well as the lived experiences of historical Bahamians."

Sapodilla Estate - New Providence Island

Located between Cable Beach and Love Beach at the western edge of Nassau, this restaurant promises a fine dining experience. The venue also hosts weddings. Palm trees and a brick driveway lead to the building with a salmon-colored exterior and red-tile roof. Inside, diners will come across cozy lighting, crystal glasses, and finely plated dishes. They'll also encounter a touch of revelry. A Google commenter wrote, "Food was amazing. Servers were amazing and best of all was the hospitality. They let my wife play piano and also played with her and the whole restaurant got to enjoy the fun vibes."


The Sapodilla Estate menu offers a wide range of culinary options. Guests can choose from a bisque made with crabs from Andros Island (an island grouping in the Bahamas), steaks with Szechuan flavors, Thai curry grouper, and Italian spaghetti with lobster, calamari, and shrimp. One Tripadvisor contributor stated, "This was definitely the best dinner we had on the island!"

Sonia's Jerk - New Providence Island

Expect a familial atmosphere at this relaxed spot in Nassau. Sonia's Jerk prepares its jerk chicken in big barbecue drums, and diners feast on the seasoned creations at simple picnic tables. Meals come with a view of the sea and cruise ships when they dock since Sonia's Jerk sits by Junkanoo Beach. A commenter on Google overflowed with praise. "Somone give this woman a Michelin star. Where can I even begin? Hands down best jerk chicken I have ever had in my entire life. Sonia is the queen behind the grill of the chicken heavens. I will dream about this chicken until I return."


While many come to Sonia's for the jerk chicken, the menu also features stewed oxtail, jerk ribs, curry mutton, coleslaw, and fish dinners. All dishes impress, as one Tripadvisor reviewer noted: "Curry chicken, jerk chicken, oxtails, dumplings.... Rice & peas!! Everything was amazing ..went twice !!! Never disappointed..."


Travelers will find many places to eat across the islands of the Bahamas. The country has everything from small, languid shacks to large, formal restaurants. But finding spots with consistently delicious food is no easy task. We scoured the pages of reviews on Tripadvisor and Google and ensured that the places we chose received scores of 4.5 or above on both. We also wanted to include options beyond bustling Nassau, the central tourism hub.


While the capital has the largest selection of restaurants on all the islands, it's not the only place travelers visit, so providing possibilities on other islands was critical. We also tried to select places that were not tied to a specific resort or hotel but focused on standalone restaurants and eateries. It was also essential to offer a range of restaurants to meet every budget. As a result, you will find places with fine linen on the tables and actual shacks on the beach listed.