Fun Water Parks To Check Out In The Caribbean, According To Reviews

An adventurous excursion that is immediately associated with summer, a water park is a place where fun is all but guaranteed. Just look at the ingredients. There's likely to be some sun — we're talking about outdoor water parks here — possibly slick slides where riders can pick up some serious speed, and maybe a wave pool or three. Other features can include a lazy river, an obstacle course, and water dump buckets, all places where getting wet (and cooling off) is part of the fun. 


The Caribbean is a popular tourist destination that is warm year-round, making it a perfect place for a water park. Unsurprisingly, many have popped up all over the region. Some are tied to resorts and open only to guests, while others accept anyone willing to pay the entry fee. What all these water parks have in common is the chance to get wet and wild in the pursuit of some good old-fashioned fun. We've uncovered a number of them worth visiting, using sites like Tripadvisor to compile the list.

Aquaventure, Bahamas

Part of the Atlantis resort in the Bahamas, Aquaventure is a 140-acre aquatic complex themed like the mythical underwater city of the resort's name. Visitors will find 20 million gallons of water that course through the many slides, 11 swimming pools, and numerous places where guests can get wet. The lazy river, known as Rapid's River, winds around the park for a mile and even features a section with white-water waves. One Yelp visitor was enamored with Aquaventure, writing, "We spent a couple of our days (and still didn't finish) on the resort exploring the many waterslides, lazy river, and plethora of pools and spas that span across the entire property. You'd think this is more for the kids ... absolutely not ... it's an exhilarating experience for adults too." 


The variety of slides is a huge draw, both for guests and outside visitors who can enjoy Aquaventure after purchasing an Atlantis Day Pass. Twisting slides include The Surge and The Drop, while The Abyss is a body slide with sections of darkness that shoots riders into a lagoon. For a real buzz, try The Leap of Faith — it promises a sheer drop at great speed from the top of the property's Mayan Temple.

Aruba Water Park, Aruba

Aruba is a Caribbean island that is safe from hurricanes, which is no small feat in this part of the world when it comes to promising a stress-free vacation. Nicknamed "One Happy Island," Aruba is known for its dry climate, fantastic beaches, and delightfully cheery people. The beaches get most of the attention, but the coastline isn't the only place where travelers can get wet. Right in the middle of the island, tourists will find Aruba Water Park, a soaking spectacular with slides, mushroom fountains, and a giant water dump bucket. When it's time for a break, visitors can retire to the calm lagoon pool, which has a waterfall at one end. 


Guests are able to refuel from a menu of burgers, fries, hot dogs, wings, quesadillas, drinks, and even cheesecake for a sweet treat. As a recent guest on Tripadvisor noted, "Don't let the negative reviews mislead you. This is a secret gem in Aruba. Great slides, clean and beautiful facility, no lines, helpful staff. Our 2 year old had so much fun and did not want to leave the place. I will definitely come back."

Baha Bay, Bahamas

Billing itself as a luxury water park, this site of aquatic fun is set within the Baha Mar resort in Nassau, a large complex featuring three distinct properties. The Baha Bay water park spreads across 15 oceanfront acres and features something for everyone. It certainly impressed a visitor who excitedly commented on Tripadvisor, "Beautiful water park! Everything was clean, including the bathrooms. Best water park we've ever been to. And the views were amazing!" 


In the section called Kids Island, youngsters will find an area devoted to their needs. It's here, at Turtle Beach and Stingray Cove, that the vibrant colors pop just a little brighter, where the pools are shallower, and the slides are nice and easy. However, it's not all sedate — kids can enjoy twisting slides and giant tipping buckets under which they'll get a good soaking. Elsewhere, there is a lazy river, a calming lagoon wave pool, and fine places to eat. There is also a surf simulator, and rides guaranteed to get the heart pumping — Pirates Plunge features a 360-degree loop. Visitors not staying at the resort can take part in the fun by purchasing entry tickets.

Coqui Water Park, Puerto Rico

A huge property on the main island of Puerto Rico, El Conquistador Resort looks over the sea and offshore islands. It's a realm of multiple pools, as well as tennis courts, a golf course, a marina, and its own beach. With more than 350 rooms, it will soon undergo an expansion to more than double its inventory of accommodations. In addition to all this, it's also home to the fabulous Coqui Water Park. It's not a huge water park, but travelers can certainly find enough here to promise plenty of good cheer. 


At the heart of the park is a 250-foot slide where riders can pick up some speed and experience a stomach-churning drop. Visitors can reset their heartbeat with a trip on the lazy river or in the large infinity pool that opens onto the sea and Palomino Island. One Yelp reviewer praised their time at the water park, saying they "had lots of fun here" and the park is "definitely a must when you stay at El Conquistador." As the review suggests, this water park is only available to resort guests or members.

Five Islands Water Park, Trinidad

Part of an amusement park near Trinidad's northwest tip, Five Islands Water Park has sections that will appeal to adrenaline junkies. Mokoland and Hurricane Terrain are a jumble of speedy slides decorated in bold, striped colors that wouldn't be out of place in the board game Candy Land. Filled with drops, twists, and turns, the slides have names like Lightning Snag, Tornado Blast, Red Dragon, Blue Devil, and Cyclone Fury, and have a minimum height restriction of 4 feet. They are wildly popular, but there is more to this place than adrenaline slides.


Guests can also enjoy more sedate slides, a dump bucket in a section fashioned after a pirate's ship, and two connected wave pools. There are also mat races, a lazy river, and even a swim-up bar. A reviewer from Tripadvisor opined, "We visited as a family, with three teenage daughters and everyone enjoyed it," adding that "there are lots of good slides, plenty to keep you occupied plus a good long lazy river and a fun wave pool." The contributor also added that Five Islands was clean everywhere, an important attribute of any water park.

Harry's Water Park, Trinidad

Almost smack-bang in the center of Trinidad, Harry's Water Park gets rave reviews, noting it's a good option for the family. One review on Tripadvisor declared, "Yes indeed we were very satisfied. It was family oriented throughout. All the staff were very friendly and helpful." Travelers will find long, twisting slides painted with marine animals on the outside, dump buckets that are perfect for dousing young kids, and thatch cabanas set aside for family celebrations. Guests that want a little extra activity can slide into a kayak and tour around a pool, or board a water bike for a trip around a lagoon. 


Competitive types can head over to the red and yellow mat slides and race each other down the slope. For some relaxation, a tube ride on the lazy river will do the trick. Water fun isn't the only option — Harry's also has go-karts, and a bikini bar with drinks and DJ sets.

Las Cascadas Water Park, Puerto Rico

Set a short distance from the sea in the northwest town of Aguadilla, Las Cascadas Water Park promises fun for all the family. As a review on Google Maps noted, Las Cascadas is "A real treat. Three of us went. Great water rides, and a lazy river. We enjoyed the challenge with the ropes too. Safe. Clean. Family fun." This is a broad, open complex, with a lazy river, a spacious wave pool, and plenty of places for just lounging around and enjoying the water. 


A collection of slides appeals to guests looking for a little adrenaline rush. A pair of open-flume style slides twist and turn, under and around each other, as they complete loops and drops. Next to them, another pair of enclosed rides repeatedly criss-cross over one another before coming to a gradual halt. Another bonus of Las Cascadas is that guests can enjoy live performances by local musicians, a way to spice up the visit with a little dry-land motion.

Pirates Island Water Park, Caribbean

These water parks are part of the Beaches resorts in the Caribbean, a trio of properties in Jamaica and the Turks and Caicos (an archipelago with some of the most fabulous beaches in the region). The parks are free for guests of the resorts to use; non-guests can access them via a day pass, which varies in price, depending on the property. Visitors to any Pirates Island will notice recurring features, not to mention grand dimensions — at the Ocho Rios property in Jamaica, Pirates Island spreads across 27,000 square feet. 


The water slides are the most thrilling adventure at any Pirates Island setting, ranging from twisting, curling options where riders can swish down the slopes with increasing velocity to less intense slides set up for younger kids. A surf simulator calls out to budding surfers at Beaches Turks & Caicos, the only simulator on Providenciales. Other attractions include lazy rivers, pools, hot tubs, and a play area called Splash Deck, which is packed with shallow pools and water jets.

Rascals Water Park, Barbados

Visitors to this water park, northwest of the Barbadian capital Bridgetown (located close to the cruise terminal), won't find a muddle of slides or a sinewy lazy river. Rascals Water Park, which operates just off Brandons Beach, is actually a giant outdoor water obstacle course that sits in clear blue seas. It gets a rating of 5.0 on Tripadvisor based on more than 25 votes, and one contributor wrote, "This is a fun, energetic family activity for all ages. One thing I never thought through was my terrible balance! Still, we all had fun even though some of us spent more time in the water than on it!" 


Guests receive life jackets, so there's no need to be a particularly strong swimmer. The inflatable course is a series of climbing frames, trampolines, stepping podiums, slippery steps, and various other trials and tribulations that might dump the participant out into the sea. Adventurers in search of some energy can take a break and order bites like calamari, samosas, chicken wings, wine, and more.

Royalton Splash Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

An area of the Dominican Republic known for its all-inclusive resorts that are perfect for a romantic getaway, Punta Cana has long attracted vacationers looking for sun, sea, and sand. The all-inclusive Royalton fits the mold, a 525-room retreat that sits on the waterfront and has plenty to keep both kids and adults entertained (it even features a casino for the latter). Families will inevitably be drawn to the water park, a melange of pools, tubes, swimming areas, and slides. Attractions at the water park range from the sedate to the stimulating. 


Riders looking for a bit of a buzz can check out the large slides, ones that twist and extend for extended thrills, or the roller coaster slide, where participants in a large tube glide up and down a U-shaped ramp. Multi-lane slides bring out the competitive edge in guests, with sizzling speeds expected on steep downhills. Young kids won't feel left out as an area of gentler water slides, tubes, and a fun wave pool beckons. Reviewing on Google Maps, a guest added, "The water park was perfect for our teen and also our youngest, they had plenty of water activities that suited both their ages." The water park is only open to guests of the resort.

Sandos Aqua Park, Mexico

On the coastline of Mexico a little north of Playa del Carmen, on a stretch of shore known as the Riviera Maya, Sandos Aqua Park is a blessing for fans of water slides. It's part of Sandos Caracol Eco Resort, an all-inclusive resort with beaches, an area of jungle, and even entertainment. The water park is free for guests — and is only for travelers staying at the property — and is an aquatic adventure land designed for all the family. 


There are slides all over the park, from little ones that will give toddlers a little bump of excitement to five medium-sized ones perfect for slightly older kids. Grown-up kids and adults will line up for the seven big slides, some in enclosed tubes that twist rapidly down before releasing the rider out into the open. A guest on Google Maps wrote, "Excellent water park, ideal for the whole family, from the smallest to the oldest. Clean water, beautiful slide design, a great place in a top hotel."

Sirenis Aquagames, Dominican Republic

A long stretch of prime beach awaits guests at the Grand Sirenis Punta Cana Resort, an all-inclusive complex of two separate hotels. The property also has a theater, a nightclub, kids' clubs, tennis courts, beach volleyball, water sports, and a full-service spa. Grand Sirenis is home to Sirenis Aquagames, a large, open water park spread across 130,000 square feet of land and set among trees and landscaped grounds. The centerpiece is a 30-foot tower platform that opens up to seven slides rolling away in all directions. 


From atop the tower, guests can look over a pool and play area for kids styled after a pirate's lair, thatched cabins, loungers under umbrellas, and hammocks perfect for an afternoon siesta. A contributor on a Tripadvisor forum noted, "The water park is good for small and bigger kids. The big pool is kids' friendly with gradually sloping bottom." While free for resort guests, outside visitors need to buy a ticket to visit the park.

Splash Island Water Park, St Lucia

Splash Island is a water park in the sea just off Reduit Beach at the northern end of St Lucia. Set up like an obstacle course, it keeps adventurers entertained through a variety of structures. All guests must be 6 years or older and wear life jackets during their visit. Opened in August 2015, Splash Island claims to be the first sports park in the sea to operate in the Caribbean. It comprises a series of brightly-hued inflatable platforms, walkways, pyramids, balance beams, climbing walls, slides, and more. 


Part of the fun is getting wet in the clear turquoise sea below, whether by accidentally slipping off monkey bars or leaping off an elevated tower. A visitor praised Splash Island on Tripadvisor: "This water park is amazing. My daughter went out as much as possible and never wanted to come back. We could only get her to come back to the room for water and food breaks."

Surf 'N Fun Waterpark, Puerto Rico

Located right by Puerto Rico Highway 2, linking the cities of Ponce and San Juan, Surf 'N Fun claims to be the largest waterpark in the Caribbean. It sits among plots of greenery, with features spreading in all directions. At one end, a clear blue wave pool allows guests to feel the rhythmic swells of the sea. A winding, meandering lazy river wraps around the wave pool, gently shuffling guests through an endless loop of leisure. 


To one side, multi-lane speed slides rumble down a hillside. The anchor of the park is a central tower, with bending slides shooting out from it in different spots, some of them open chutes, others enclosed tubes. Loungers all around allow visitors to soak up the sun. As per a reviewer on Google Maps, "You will not get bored as there is enough fun to keep you occupied for the entire day. It's a really awesome adventure for the entire family."

Wet 'n Wild World, Mexico

Cancún's hotel zone unfurls along the Caribbean as a series of towers that cede to soft sands. It's an excellent destination for beachgoers, with accommodations, restaurants, and attractions close to clear, calm seas and tons of great things to do. This densely packed huddle of hotels is also home to a water park. Wet 'n Wild World is part of Ventura Park, an amusement park with roller coasters, go-karts, and the water park. It's a good spot for families looking to get wet away from the beach. 


One commenter on Tripadvisor wrote, "Really enjoyed our day here. My girlfriend was the biggest kid in the whole water park and wanted to go on every ride! There is plenty to do and a good variety for kids to enjoy, but you can just lie in the sun if you want to." It's a place where slides, a lazy river, and a wave pool offer something for everyone. Rides range from family tubes on Bubba Tub to fast spins on Twister. The most adventurous might try Kamikaze's high speed and sheer drops or the vertical plunge of Double Space Bowl.


We analyzed water parks up and down the Caribbean, scouring pages of hotel websites and tour operators to find out which properties and places had them. We dug deeper to find the nitty gritty on the locations and facilities of each one. To back up our findings, we looked at reviews from users of Google, Tripadvisor, and Yelp and created a list of parks where the fun never stops.