This Viral TikToker's Hacks For Making Economy Flights Comfier Has Broken The Internet

Few things in life are more exciting than scoring a cheap last-minute flight to a destination you've always wanted to explore. You giddily whip up your itinerary, pack your suitcase (plus points if you can fit all your vacation needs in only one carry-on), and make your way to the airport. However, reality often hits once you step foot on the plane. You realize that you're shoehorned into a seat that's shrunk to the dimensions of a shoebox — 30 inches of legroom and a seat width of 16 inches that barely lets you breathe. Yes, such is life in the economy section, and with coach seats continuously shrinking, our survival tactics get more creative. A TikTok from influencer, which garnered 1.2 million views, over 300,000 saves, and nearly 75,000 shares, has suggested bringing a bunch of nifty accessories to make your flight more tolerable, and let's just say that her suggestions have divided the skies.


In the clip, she enumerated her "non-negotiables" to make flying economy akin to flying first class. Top of her list is a footrest hammock to avoid having numb legs and a tray table cover because we all know those are filthy. She also recommends bringing a Bluetooth transmitter for connecting wireless headphones to the in-flight entertainment system and a phone holder for mounting your phone when the movie selection isn't cutting it. While these items are considered a godsend to some, others can't help but think that the setup might be overkill.

Is bringing a ton of accessories really necessary?

If money was not an issue, we'd all probably be zipping around in private jets or stretching out in first class every time we boarded a plane. But reality bites, and most of us are pinching pennies in coach. No one likes to be packed like sardines in what is essentially a metal tube, so if you're planning to bring a suite of travel gadgets to make your journey bearable, spare a thought for your fellow passengers.


In the comments section of's TikTok, travelers had clashing opinions on bringing these tools. Some balked at the accessories, particularly the foot hammock, for being more of a nuisance than a help. "The girl behind me placed one of those foot hammock[s] & I could feel her tugging on the chair, so I reclined," one user wrote. Others voiced their frustration with the sheer bulk of it all. "Ugh when I fly I'm trying to bring as little as possible in to the cabin, even in Business Class. As a very frequent flyer all of this would annoy me," penned another user.

On the flip side, some swear by these enhancements, especially on lengthy flights. "All of y'all hating have clearly never been on a 10+ hr flight," one wrote, with another commenting, "I actually think these hacks are awesome and the foot rest thing? AMAZING." Whatever camp you fall under, just remember: your convenience shouldn't come at the cost of someone else's comfort.


Consider booking a seat with more legroom instead

Many of us have our quirks when it comes to picking an airplane seat. Some choose to sit in a certain spot to combat motion sickness, while others snag a window seat to get work done undisturbed. If you're flying economy class and are more concerned about easing discomfort, it might make more sense to spring for a seat upgrade rather than buying travel gadgets. Since you're going to spend the money anyway, you might as well invest in something that your extremities will thank you for.


In fact, the cost of buying accessories may be significantly more than what you would pay for an upgrade. For instance, an upgrade to Economy Plus on United starts as low as $29 per flight. If you're a frequent flier, consider an Economy Plus subscription at $599, which covers unlimited upgrades for a year. Similarly, Delta's Comfort+ and American Airlines' Main Cabin Extra offer extra legroom starting from just $20.

There's nothing wrong with using gadgets to ease the discomfort of economy travel, of course, but if they end up costing more than an actual seat upgrade, it may be wiser to put your money into something that guarantees your comfort. Alternatively, if your budget is tight, heed the advice from another traveler in the comments of's post: "The real hack is to train yourself to sleep. Bad food? Didn't realise, was asleep. Loud baby? Poor bubba didn't hear them, was asleep. Trust."