The Thrilling Hike To One Of Greece's Most Gorgeous, Secluded Beaches Is Beyond Worth It

If you're looking for the most beautiful place in Greece, it would be a good idea to start your search on the island of Corfu. The island is full of gorgeous beaches, from sandy Alipa to picturesque Agios Spyridonas, but the most quiet and beautiful little slice of coastline might be Giali Beach. On this small crescent-shaped beach, towering, rugged cliffs give way to soft white sand. Beyond, brilliant aquamarine water from the Ionian Sea laps at the shore.


While Corfu is one of the most popular spots in Greece, you won't find any cocktails, sunbeds, or overpriced tourist traps that you need to watch out for like when you're eating at other popular beaches in Greece. How has such a beautiful place remained undeveloped? It's extremely difficult to get to by land. There are water taxis that will take you to and from Giali Beach, but for those looking for an adventure, it is possible to climb down to the beach from the sheer, rocky cliffs above.

Scaling down the cliff to the beach

The beginning of the land journey to Giali Beach is just a hike. While it might be a little rocky and steep, it's nothing compared to the challenge that awaits about 20 minutes away. When you reach the cliff's edge, you'll be rewarded with an incredible view of the white sand and deep blue-green water below. To reach it, though, you'll need to scale down the crumbling white rocks, using only crumbling ladders and dangling ropes to support yourself.


Many who attempt this hike turn back for safety reasons, while others make it to the beach but can't get back up again on their own. Some hikers who succeeded in making it down to the beach describe it as not particularly difficult for experienced climbers familiar with rough terrain, others have compared it to extremely challenging hikes like the iconic American bucket list hike to Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon.

Making your way to Giali Beach by sea

Just like the quiet beaches of the mesmerizing Greek island Astypalaia, Giali Beach offers you the opportunity to enjoy lounging on a Greek beach without the crowds. However, if your idea of a wonderful day on the beaches of Corfu doesn't include slowly shuffling down a cliff while gripping rough ropes and the Greek sun beating down on you, you can still have an incredible afternoon on Giali Beach. Fortunately, if you want to, you can still skip the thrilling hike and get straight to the relaxing dip in the ocean if you approach by sea.


There are many incredible things to do on your journey to Corfu's most secluded little piece of unaltered shore, like visiting the friendly animals at nearby Corfu Donkey Rescue, but many of the most beautiful adventures are at sea. Boat tours along the rocky coast are among the most popular things for visitors to the island to do, so it's not hard at all to rent a boat or reserve a ride nearby and make your way to Giali Beach from the water.