Best Nude Beaches In The U.S.

You don’t have to travel far to find these clothing-optional beaches in the United States.

Not every state can claim a nude beach, but then again, you may not even need to leave your time zone to swim in the buff (sorry Mountain Time). New Jersey, Hawaii and Oregon all have clothing optional beaches where you can tan your whole hide, as do a handful of states in between.

So hop in the car now — you're pretty much already packed and ready for this style of beach day. All that's left to do is choose a destination. Our guide to the best nude beaches in the U.S. will hopefully inspire you to consider clothing optional beaches from coast to coast. And why choose just one? Start with nude beaches in Florida and cross destinations off until you complete your list by visiting the nude beaches in Hawaii.

Land of the free? Home of the brave? Check and check. Here are the best nudist beaches in the U.S.

Gunnison Beach – New Jersey

The only legal nude beach in the state of New Jersey, Gunnison, found on the north end of Sandy Hook near Parking Lot G, may be crowded, but its community is very considerate of others. You won't likely hear loud music. And your photo won't be taken, thanks to regulars who make sure the space stays safe for all.

Canaveral National Seashore – Florida

There are two sides to Canaveral National Seashore: the north end, Apollo Beach, near New Smyrna Beach, and the south end, Playalinda Beach, near Titusville. Park rangers turn a blind eye to nudity, so long as it's contained to the beach near specific parking lots (#5 for Apollo, #13 for Playalinda) that are unofficial nude sunbathing areas. Both sides of this natural stretch of sand are about an hour's drive east of Orlando.

Hippie Hollow – Texas

There's couldn't be a more fitting name for a nude beach — and of course it's found on Lake Travis outside the liberal enclave that is the city of Austin. One caveat: This hideaway isn't a beach in the truest sense as it has wide, flat rocks, perfect for sunbathing, lining the water's edge. But you'll forget the lack of sand when you take the time to roam: This spot occupies 109 acres in Hill County, 20 minutes outside the city.

Secret Beach – Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai locals call it Kauapea Beach, but others simply refer to this unfrequented spot with waves too strong for swimming as Secret Beach. Either way, find it — if you can — on the north shore between Kalihiwai Bay and Kilauea Point. Pack patience as it may take a few tries to locate the unmarked steep trail to the caramel sand.

Longnook Beach aka Ballston Beach – Massachusetts

Hike to the patch in between these two Cape Cod beaches in the greater town of Truro for the isolated, scenic sand dunes that have made this getaway a favorite among city fleers. Here, you'll gain no-tan-lines freedom, and the liberty to spread out, as this stretch is typically secluded and serene.

Secret Cove – California

It's called secret for a reason. This boulder-studded stretch of golden sand along Lake Tahoe in northern California is tricky to find, and requires a 15-minute walk south from Chimney Beach. But then you find the staircase leading to this gem, and you'll discover why the place also answers to the names Paradise Cove and Paradise Rock.

Kehena Black Sand Beach – Big Island, Hawaii

One of the world's only nude-friendly black-sand beaches is found near the eastern tip of Hawaii's Big Island. It's a small strip of sand, no more than 75 yards. Although textiles — that is, folks who favor swim trunks — frequent this beach, you likely won't mind, as dolphins are regulars as well.

Black's Beach – California

The sheer cliffs hemming in this beach outside La Jolla in greater San Diego make for excellent scenery, and a 15-minute calorie-burning haul to the water's edge. No concessions cater to visitors, so pack in what you need. But, the isolation factor also makes for walks that are especially long and peaceful.

Eight-Mile Beach – Nevada

This Lake Mead hideaway is so hush-hush that it has no official name — just a nickname based on 8 Mile Road, the dirt track outside the town of Boulder, Nevada, that dead-ends just shy of the water. Despite the fact that this nude beach is just 41 minutes by car from Las Vegas, it rarely sees enough sunbathers to start a poker game.

Collins Beach – Oregon

This khaki-color beach on the Columbia River may not be the prettiest in the state, but it's pretty much the most liberal. Nudity is completely allowed, with signs alerting passersby who may be unaware that they're about to enter a bare-buns-friendly zone. Find the one-mile stretch on the northeast side of Sauvie Island, less than an hour's drive north of Portland.