The Best Underwater Camera Accessories And Lights Of 2017

It takes more than just a great camera to capture beautiful underwater images. Our 2017 scuba diving Gear Buyers Guide will help you find the best underwater camera accessories to round out your camera rig.

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The right color correction or macro capability for your GoPro is just a flick of the fingers away with the FLIP5. Machined from aviation-grade aluminum, the FLIP5 can handle any two color filters or the water-corrected +15 Macromate lens. Compatible with HERO3, 3+, 4 or 5.

underwater camera port gopro removal tool
Makes for easy lens removal to install underwater housing. | Jon Whittle

Before you can put that underwater housing on your new GoPro HERO5 you need to remove the square lens from the camera, and that can be a pain. Backscatter's clever little gizmo offers an inexpensive solution. Just slide it between the camera and the lens, then twist for hassle-free removal.

GoPro Dive snorkel filter
Customized for secure fit and better image quality GoPro's new underwater filters are made from scratch-resistant, optical-grade glass to ensure maximum clarity. | Courtesy of GoPro

The Blue Water Snorkel Filter attaches directly to the HERO5 Black for use from 5 to 33 feet, while the Blue Water Dive Filter and Green Water Dive Filter are designed to be used with the Super Suit housing from 15 to 70 feet.

sealife aquapod mini
Capture amazing close-up photos with these collapsible, corrosion resistant shooting poles designed to hold almost any camera, including GoPro. | Jon Whittle

Adjustable to 53 inches (regular) or 38 inches (Mini). The rugged monopods are made from anodized aluminum with stainless-steel hardware with a textured grip and include a standard ¼-20 and GoPro mounts.

Ultralight Control Systems T-Handle Eco Stick
Quick, secure way to anchor any small camera. | Jon Whittle

Mount your GoPro or other compact camera to this aluminum T-handle and stick in the sand for steady, stationary shots. It has a threaded hole on the handle to take Ultralight's BA-HB mounting ball for a range of mounting options.

Ultralight Control Systems BA-AQNL
Quick, flexible attachment point for LenzO iPhone housing. | Jon Whitt

Ultralight's mounting ball for LenzO's underwater housing makes it easy to add lighting accessories. The aluminum ball attaches with two small bolts and works with a full range of Ultralight Control Systems' clamps and arms for maximum flexibility.

Ultralight Control Systems TR-LE Tray and Handle for LenzO Housing

• Provides grip and mounting points for LenzO iPhone housing

This rugged aluminum tray mounts easily to your LenzO housing with the grip on left or right side, steadying shots to get the best images from your iPhone. It also provides an attachment point for lighting.

Bigblue Dive Lights VL15000P-Pro Mini
Produces 15,000 lumens with an extra-wide beam. | Courtesy of Bigblue

This light is just 2.75 by 5 inches but packs a stunning 15,000 lumens into a 160-degree beam. It has push-button control with four power settings, burning 2 hours on high and 20 hours on low. Depth-tested to 330 feet, it comes with a removable, rechargeable Li-Ion battery, charger, 1-inch ball and handle.

SeaLife Sea Dragon 2100 Dual Beam
Switch from focused spot to wide-angle flood with one button. | Jon Whittle

This light can instantly switch from a 100-degree flood light for wide-angle shots to a 15-degree spot for macro subjects and all-around dive light applications. It's rechargeable with its included Li-Ion battery, and can be expanded with SeaLife's Flex- Connect system of trays, grips and accessories.

SeaLife Sea Dragon 2300 Auto Light
Features new Auto Bright Mode and Auto Flash Detection Mode. | Jon Whittle

The auto-brightness feature adjusts power in relation to distance, illuminating 2300 down to 230 lumens across a 100-degree angle. If an external fl ash is detected, the auto-fl ash turns off the light for 2 seconds. The compact light is powered by a rechargeable Li-Ion battery and is depth rated to 330 feet.

SeaLife Sea Dragon 2500 Light
Highest brightness with the best color rendering. | Jon Whittle

The Sea Dragon 2500 utilizes flat panel COB LED technology to produce a Color Rendering Index of over 90 that mimics natural sunlight to bring out stunning colors in underwater images and video. Depth rated to 200 feet, it has 2500 lumens, a 120-degree beam and burns for up to 60 minutes at full power. Rechargeable Li-ion battery included.

SeaLife Sea Dragon Duo 2300 Flash
A complete lighting kit in a lightweight, easy-traveling package. | Jon Whittle

This deluxe lighting rig pairs the powerful Sea Dragon 2300 Auto Light with the Sea Dragon Flash, offering maximum capability for still photography and video capture. And because they're integrated with the Dual Tray and Flex-Connect Grips, it's simple and easy to reconfigure or break down with SeaLife's cool click-in connection system.

SeaLife Sea Dragon Duo 3000
Ready-to-rock lighting package hits all the bases. | Jon Whittle

With a combined 3,000 lumens of light output, the Sea Dragon Duo 3000 can add capability to all brands of underwater cameras. The dual Sea Dragon 1500 lights each project a wide 120-degree beam, are depth rated to 200 feet, and off er single-button operation and can be fine-tuned with three power levels. The dual-1500 lumen lights burn for over an hour at full power with their included Li-Ion batteries.

SeaLife Sea Dragon Fluoro-Dual Beam
Blue light brings out the fluorescent wonders of the reef at night. | Jon Whittle

The Fluoro-Dual Beam emits a special narrow wavelength of light that triggers a reaction from sea creatures revealing alien-like fluorescent colors underwater. Plus, divers can switch to a white 15-degree spot of 800-lumens with a single button. To aid in viewing and photographing these wonders, the light also includes a pair of yellow filters, one for your mask and a universal lens cover designed to fit most camera housings.

SeaLife Sea Dragon Duo 5000
Twin sun-like Sea Dragon 2500 light heads offer serious power. | Jon Whittle

The combined brilliance of two of SeaLife's most powerful LEDs cranks out an impressive 5,000 lumens with a maximum coverage area of nearly 240 degrees. It delivers an incredible 90+ CRI (Color Rendering Index) for exceptionally colorful still images and video. The integrated Flex- Connect Dual Tray is expandable, comfortable and solid.

SeaLife DC2000 Pro Duo
Versatile system for high-quality video and still images. | Jon Whittle

SeaLife's most capable imaging package offers serious power and flexibility for most any underwater scenario. Anchored by the new DC2000 camera, the system includes the intuitive Sea Dragon 2300 Auto Light for colorful video and the Sea Dragon Flash for high-quality stills. And it all comes together with the Flex-Connect Dual Tray and ergonomic Grips.

SeaLife DC2000 Pro Flash
Imaging package with camera, housing, flash and mounting system. | Jon Whittle

Paired with the Sea Dragon Flash, the DC2000 system invites photographers of all levels to capture stunning images with ease, and features full manual controls and a variety of land shooting modes. Its rugged exterior is depth rated to 200 feet, while the inner camera is also waterproof to 60 feet. The included flash easily syncs with the camera, and adds rich color to stills.

SeaLife Micro 2.0 Pro 1500
Integrated system is designed to work together flawlessly. | Jon Whittle

Packaged to produce high-quality images and video without added accessories, this compact-but-capable kit includes the 16-MP Micro 2.0 camera, Sea Dragon 1500 light with three power settings and a Flex-Connect Micro Tray with comfort grip for one-handed use. With Wi-Fi connectivity, the Micro 2.0 lets you share your images as soon as you're back on board.

SeaLife Micro 2.0 Pro 2500
Serious capability in a compact, travel-friendly package. | Jon Whittle

Simple to use and powerful enough to impress, this complete underwater imaging package features the floodproof Micro 2.0 camera with 64-GB of onboard memory and the Sea Dragon 2500 light, which offers 2,500-lumen output with 60 minutes of burn time. And they're rigged with the Flex- Connect Micro Tray, Grip and Flex Arm to ensure maximum ease of use.

SeaLife Sea Dragon 650 Micro Kit
Flex-Connect mounting system attaches with a simple click Featuring the Sea. | Jon Whittle

Dragon 650 Flood light, which offers a 120-degree beam with 650-lumen output, this package includes a Flex-Connect Tray and Grip to upgrade compact or action cameras like the SeaLife Micro 2.0 or GoPro®. The light has a burn time of over two hours at full power when combined with a 3400mAh 18650 battery.

Underwater Kinetics Aqualite Pro 100˚
A complete video solution with a lanyard, multiple mounts and a folding camera tray included. | Jon Whittle

With the Aqualite Pro 100˚ you get a smooth, wide-angle beam and a dazzling 1,200 lumens of illumination. Four power settings plus an SOS mode are accessible with one hand using the rotary knob. The light works well with wide-angle cameras like the GoPro, and is lightweight at only 6.4 ounces.