Forget Lottery Tickets, The Perfect Stocking Stuffer Is An Apartment In Tuscany

The latest chance to win an Italian home will put someone in a charming 15th century renovated estate.

There might not be a better bargain out there for a dream vacation home than the contests hosted by the extremely generous Win Houses in Italy. The couple behind this endeavor has previously raffled off a renovated townhome in Pizzo Calabro on Italy's Coast of the Gods, as well as two magnificent villas in Tuscany and even the luxurious Italian vacation of a lifetime. And just in time for the holidays, anyone who missed out on those opportunities can now get in on the action for £25 per ticket (roughly $30 USD).


Set within a cluster of renovated buildings that once made up a glorious 15th century Tuscany estate, this contest's prize is a restored, fully furnished apartment that will deliver the best of this fascinating, exclusive community concept. With access to two pools, a summer restaurant, and wine bar, the new owner will live the resort life all while knowing the fees went to two great non-profit causes, The Children's Society and Braccio Di Ferro.

The resort element of this location is highlighted by a pair of pools and special dining concept. | Win Houses in Italy

Borgo Colleoli Resort boasts more than 50 apartments for travelers seeking to explore cities like Florence, Pisa, and Lucca, and the stunning natural surroundings will have visitors and owners feel like they're in a castle—with modern amenities, of course. The featured apartment, in addition to furnishings, features an open plan living and dining room with terracotta tile, exposed beams, and an ancient stone fireplace. The crown jewels are undoubtedly the master bedroom and large private balcony that will host its share of special moments.

apartment bedroom
Already fully furnished, this apartment would also make a great rental. | Win Houses in Italy

Win Houses in Italy has already raised hundreds of thousands of dollars, pounds, euros, and probably many more forms of currency as people around the world take a shot at fulfilling this dream. All the while the real winners are the two great charities and the kids who benefit from one couple's ongoing efforts.

This new owner will be chosen on January 27, 2023.