Hawk's Cay Resort

Peace and tranquility at a luxury resort on Duck Key

My first trip to the Florida Keys will be well remembered. Never had I expected to see such breaktaking sunsets and achieve such an ultimate sense of relaxation on the outskirts of mainland Florida. The luxury Hawk's Cay Resort on quiet Duck Key served as my home for four days on this excursion, and I was impressed by not only the attentive staff but the showcase of family-oriented activities and amenities. The 60-acre island offers some of the world's best fishing, along with an array of water sports, dolphin interaction programs, a saltwater lagoon, five swimming pools, and a variety of luxurious accommodations, including guest rooms, suites and villas. The resort also offers exquisite restaurants and a full-service spa, all set to the casual, relaxed pace of the Keys.

The villas and guest rooms integrate high quality amenities with the relaxed charm of the islands, and each newly renovated room features classic West Indies or Caribbean décor, complimentary Internet access, and your choice of waterfront, island or economy views. I woke up each morning to sunlight glistening off calm turquoise waters, and closed my eyes each night to the sound of palm trees swaying in the warm breeze.

The variety of water sports is also a huge benefit to anyone visiting this hideaway. Hawk's Cay Resort specializes water-excursions for families and individuals of all ages. Snorkel with vibrant sea creatures at the bright coral reefs; kayak to remote islands; rent a fishing boat and pursue trophy tarpon at the bridges; parasail high above the ocean for a bird's eye view of spotted eagle rays and nurse sharks; hang on for an adrenaline-filled Jet Ski tour; or unwind with a leisurely sunset cruise and champagne toast as the sun dips below the Atlantic.

One of the most unique parts of my trip was experiencing the adrenaline packed Jetlev. Jetlev – a high-powered, Jet-pack-fueled flying adventure – is as close to being Ironman as any human will probably experience, and Sundance JetLev is the first JetLev school to specialize in transitioning the pilot to full control of the jet-pack. It’s the sensation of weightlessness and soaring high above the ocean; it’s being suspended three stories in the air with nothing above or below you; it’s your childhood superhero dreams becoming a reality!

The atmosphere at Hawk's Cay Resort is filled with an overall sense of peace and tranquility, which reaches full effect at the large bonfire that sparks every night for all guests to enjoy. Throughout my stay, it was hard to believe that I was still in Florida and not in a more remote locale. I recommend this resort to any traveler looking for the island feel without the hassle of long travel days or jetlag. In the Florida Keys, home is never far away – but once you're at Hawk's Cay, you may not want to leave.

Happy travels!