St. Lucia Health And Wellness Retreat

St. Lucia, with its dramatic backdrop of the Pitons and its resorts known for private, romantic, luxurious getaways, also seems like a natural fit for health and wellness retreat – many of the resorts have upgraded and expanded their spa facilities in recent years, and the Pitons, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are rich with spiritual beauty, and also hold a unique therapeutic mineral bath.

The Soufrière St. Lucia Health and Wellness Retreat, from November 17-20, 2011, brings leaders in nutrition, yoga and lifestyle coaching to the island for a series of seminars, workshops and and activities in a celebration of holistic living. Scheduled activities include workshops in yoga and feng shui, photography and pottery classes, and hiking, kayaking and bicycling. Each day's activities begin and end with a yoga session to set and affirm the day's intentions. Lunches are hosted both by local and celebrity chefs with a focus on wholesome and locally inspired cuisine. In the evening, retire to the comforts and natural beauty of one of Soufrière's resorts or boutique hotels.

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