Best Places to Travel in August

Planning your summer vacation? Here are the best places to travel in August.


July 24, 2019

The arrival of August means that carefree summer days are almost over, but there’s still time for families to sneak in a trip before returning to the redundancy of the everyday routine. And there are plenty of August festivals to visit around the world, so if you need an excuse to visit a new destination, we’ve got some ideas.

The Cook Islands are a South Pacific paradise, with fewer crowds and cheaper room rates than Tahiti. August is a prime time to visit, as the islands celebrate their independence with a festival filled with traditional song and dance, so your vacation will come with a side of culture.

Food festivals abound in August, offering the chance to indulge on everything from lobster in Maine to chocolate in St. Lucia. Honoring ancestors in Thailand, a sailing regatta in Aruba, the king of all fringe festivals in Scotland, and hula celebrations in Hawaii round out the August offerings. These are some of the best places to travel in August.

Best places to travel in August: Cook Islands

Cook Islands

Cook Islands Shutterstock

The people of the Cook Islands celebrate their independence at the annual Te Maeva Nui Festival, held in Rarotonga. A parade kicks off the festivities, which involves eight teams (four from Rarotonga and four representing the Outer Islands) challenging each other in cultural competitions. The traditional dance and choir performances that take place throughout the week are not to be missed. Plus, postcard-perfect beaches and resorts at half the price of other islands in the South Pacific make the Cook Islands one of the best places to travel in August.

The 2019 Te Maeva Nui Festival takes place from July 26 to August 5.

Best places to travel in August: Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu Shutterstock

Bring a blanket and picnic lunch to Kapiolani Park (Honolulu’s largest public park) to witness the Na Hula Festival. The non-competitive event showcases Hawaii’s oldest dance form, with hula students showing off their skills. Watch the graceful movements and appreciate the Hawaiian art form, all while enjoying a family-friendly day at the park.


Hawaii’s 78th-annual 2019 Na Hula Festival will take place at Kapiolani Park on August 4 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Admission is free.

Best places to travel in August: Maine


Maine Lobster Festival Shutterstock

The quaint harbor town of Rockland hosts the five-day Maine Lobster Festival each summer. Nosh on all things lobster, like bisque, rolls and mac and cheese while overlooking Penobscot Bay. Events include a parade, local beer and wine tastings, a seafood cooking contest and a lobster crate race, where contestants run across a series of crates bobbing in the ocean.

This five-day food extravaganza makes Maine one of the best places to visit in August for seafood enthusiasts. The 2019 Maine Lobster Festival starts July 31 and goes until August 4. Tickets are sold at any gate at the festival itself.

Best places to travel in August: St. Lucia

St. Lucia

St. Lucia Shutterstock

Calling all chocoholics: St. Lucia is one of the best places to visit in August. The island officially declared August as Chocolate Heritage Month in honor of the island’s cocoa industry, which dates back to the 18th century. Embrace all things chocolate by taking a tour to learn the ins and outs of how the delicacy is made.

At Boucan by Hotel Chocolat, set on a cocoa plantation, take part in the Tree-to-Bar Experience, where you can harvest cocoa pods straight from the tree and make your own chocolate bar. Anse Chastanet offers a similar experience, with a tour of Emerald Estates’ organic farm to see how cocoa is harvested, followed by a visit to the resort’s chocolate lab for tastings.

Best places to travel in August: New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand Shutterstock

Bring your appetite to New Zealand’s largest food festival, Visa Wellington On a Plate, held in the country’s capital. During this two-week annual festival, more than 140 of the region’s top eateries offer dining deals and limited menus, including an exclusive Festival Dish (patrons vote on a favorite that wins the festival).


Special events include creative cuisine presentations like Dumplings Around the Globe, Umami Origami and Pie and Pinot pairings. A food truck rally and Beervana, a mecca for craft-beer lovers, are also on deck. Be sure to pack a coat: it’s the end of New Zealand’s winter.

Best places to travel in August: Thailand


A parade during the Por Tor Festival Shutterstock

The Chinese heritage of Thailand’s population is celebrated at the annual Por Tor Festival. Translated as “Hungry Ghost,” communities gather to offer food for both their own ancestors and those spirits who no longer have living relatives. The event takes place in Phuket Town at the Seng Tek Bel shrine and on Ranong Road, where revelers parade through the streets dressed in traditional Chinese clothing.

Special offerings are left at ancestor’s altars including flowers, candles and food (mainly a red turtle-shaped cake that symbolizes good luck and long life to the person offering the gift).

Por Tor takes place on the first day of the waxing moon in the seventh month of the Chinese calendar, usually landing around late August or early September.

Best places to travel in August: Aruba


Aruba Shutterstock

Anyone from veteran sailors to novices can race at the Aruba International Regatta. Spectators can watch the action from Surfside Beach, where vessels ranging from yachts to miniature boats compete for bragging rights. The event also includes windsurfing and kitesurfing competitions, and post-race happy hours and beach parties.

The 2019 regatta takes place from August 16 to August 18.

Best places to travel in August: Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland

Street performers at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Shutterstock

Drama nerds and theater geeks, take note: the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the king of all fringe festivals. Artists from nearly 50 countries come to Scotland’s capital city to perform in plays, ballets, operas, comedy shows and more. As a visitor, it’s easy to get in on the action without a ticket. Just stroll the Royal Mile to watch street performers amid a magical Harry Potter-like backdrop — after all, this is the city that inspired the books.

The 2019 festival starts on August 2 and ends on August 26.


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