World's Hottest Islands

These are 10 terrific destinations for an island escape. Find happenings close to home — from Jamaica to Canada — and as far away as Tonga and the Maldives. Whether the island is showcasing a new resort, special deals or something fresh, each will be one of the hottest places to be. Explore the map and links below to plan your trip.

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BVI: Peter Island
It already made the new "Best Private Islands" list, so this beautiful getaway in the British Virgin Islands is on many travelers' radar. But this summer, a special two-for-one promotion on accommodations, transfers and spa passes make this exclusive resort more in reach. Rates from $340.

Canada: Princess Royal Island
Recently featured in ISLANDS magazine in Jad Davenport's feature "Secrets of the Forest," this wild island on Canada's west coast is home to the amazing King Pacific Lodge. The seasonal 17-room floating hotel has introduced the new "Travel and Be Charitable" promotion, which sends $500 Canadian dollars to the Nature Conservancy with each full- rate booking. Three-night luxury packages start at $4,400 USD.

Charles Darwin's favorite islands are marking big anniversaries this year: the 200th birthday of the famous naturalist and the 150th anniversary of his On the Origin of Species. ISLANDS will be visiting the Galapagos soon with Abercrombie and Kent for an upcoming feature article.

In the Caribbean, Jamaica is hot for many reasons. Here's one more: peppers. According to ISLANDS contributor Lola Akinmade, the red scotch bonnet used in jerk spices is one of the hottest peppers in the world. You can't miss it as you follow the ISLANDS eating tour.

You've probably heard the news that "Dr. Beach" just named Kauai's Hanalei Bay Beach No. 1 on his 2009 list of best beaches. That's sure to attract travelers this summer. But while you're there, check out the many other Hanalei high- lights on the ISLANDS Kauai road trip.

Maldives: Villingili
Scheduled to open in July, Shangri-La's Villingili Resort and Spa is the newest addition to the ultimate escapes in the Maldives. Unique tree-house villas and nature trails complement the luxury offerings that travelers love in the Maldives, including gourmet cuisine and gorgeous beaches. Contact for rates.

One of the most storied U.S. islands inevitably heats up every June. This year is no exception, especially with Arabella offering special summer rates for its multi-day sailing cruises. Imagine a long Fourth of July weekend aboard with cabin rates from $1,300. See ISLANDS picks for what to do on the cruise.

Roatan: Fort Morgan Cay
The owner of this private island just off Honduras' Roatan just let us know here at ISLANDS that his personal home is available for rent. The island is intimate at only 30 acres and with up to just eight guests at a time, yet it has a vast history with British buccaneers hiding out here. Contact for rates.

It's amazing the number of new hotels scheduled to open this year on the Greek island of Rhodes. Among them is the Port Royal Villas and Spa, an expansive resort with an impressive variety of accommodations. Best of all is the easy access to the pebble beach and to the historic highlights of Rhodes. Rates from $200.

Tonga: New volcanic island
It's a reminder of just how dynamic islands are when a new one suddenly forms — and it's not man-made to look like a palm frond. Earlier this year, an underwater volcano spewed forth a new island just off Tonga. Sorry, there's nowhere to stay on it yet. But it truly is the hottest island of the summer.