British Virgin Islands Travel Guide

British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands are made up of four primary islands and a bevy of smaller ones. When you visit the BVIs, be ready to spot yachts of all shapes and sizes, from the size of your car to those potentially the size of a small building. Part of why yacht-owners love sailing in the British Virgin Islands is because of its isolation: The British Virgin Islands’ population is just under 36,000 (compared to the U.S. Virgin Islands’ 100,000-plus inhabitants).

Where to Stay in the British Virgin Islands

A British Virgin Islands vacation wouldn’t be complete without staying at a luxurious resort. Stay at one of the many wondrous spots offering direct access to that warm-beach feeling. Why not make it a simple trip? Consider staying at an all-inclusive resort that’ll cover your food costs, your spa treatments and potentially some excursions.

Things to Do in the British Virgin Islands

It’s the Caribbean, so you’d be remiss if you didn’t take advantage of the beautiful beaches, snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities, among other fun things to do in the British Virgin Islands. Prefer to bask in the sun and have a cocktail? Visit Jost Van Dyke and its bars and drinking spots. And when you’re feeling a little more adventurous, trek through Sage Mountain National Park and its rainforest.

A couple sits on the front of a catamaran on the ocean.

Now’s the Right Time to Revisit the BVI

Known for perfect sailing conditions, show-stopping beaches and endless secret spots, the British Virgin Islands is just what the doctor ordered now that the world is returning to normal.