One Of The World's Most Beautiful Beaches Is This Secluded White Sand Haven In New Zealand

The world's best beaches are rarely a secret. You hear about a stretch of perfect sand, clear turquoise water, and stunning scenery, and you get right on the Internet and book a flight. You get there, only to find that this beautiful dream beach is dotted with hordes of people with the same idea. You now have to think twice before shaking out your beach towel, and the air is full of the scent of sunscreen instead of the ocean breeze. However, when a bit of work is involved in getting to a perfect shoreline, it weeds a lot of people out. If you fancy a trek through a gorgeous area, an Instagram-worthy lookout point, and a beach an artist could have created from a dream, look no further than New Chums Beach on the North Island of New Zealand. 


If you are looking to avoid the crowds, the charming cove on the Coromandel Peninsula is the beach for you. To get there, you're going to have to do some walking, but it's worth it for what you're going to receive. However, there are a few things to know about what to bring, where you can find bathrooms, when you can go (which is really important), and what you can (and can't) do there. Here's all the info you need to visit the pristine New Chums Beach. 

Getting to New Chums Beach

The pictures above show deserted beaches, and while you may see a few other people, the trek to New Chums does tend to weed out those looking for a beach day with all the fixings. You won't find beach bars, cocktail spots, sunbeds, or umbrellas here. No one is going to come and bring you a fresh towel. What you will get is peace and quiet, and some incredible views — New Chums has previously been voted one of the top beaches in the world.


New Chums Beach is about a three-hour drive from Auckland and a relatively short walk (about 30 minutes) from Whangapoua Beach. That's where you can park and use the public toilets at the end of Mangakahia Drive. From here, walk to the northern end of Whangapoua Beach, and you'll reach a stream — this is where timing comes in. It's best to cross in the two hours on either side of low tide, or you won't be able to get through. That means you need to check the tides, which you can do here

From here, simply follow the shoreline, and note that it can be pretty rocky before it becomes a dirt path. Near the end is that rocky lookout point, which is great for pics. Keep following the water to the beach for some secluded relaxation. There are no lifeguards here, though the surf is calm and good for swimming. Use caution, and don't go alone. 


What to bring and where to stay

There is nothing at New Chums Beach other than foliage, surf, and sand, so you'll have to carry everything you need with you. Luckily, there are plenty of beach packing tips, including this towel hack that makes carrying all your beach supplies easier. This is New Zealand, so sunscreen and enough water for the day are a must. Don't forget a hat, some lunch, a good towel, and hiking shoes for the rocky part of the trek. You can visit New Chums year-round, but summer is considered the best time — remember that summer in the southern hemisphere is winter in the northern hemisphere. If it gets too hot, you can relax in the shade of the pōhutukawa trees (above) and nikau forest.


You cannot camp on the half-mile-long New Chums Beach, and if peace and quiet are what you're looking for, that's not necessarily a bad thing. However, you can stay in Whangapoua. There aren't really many hotels in the area, but there are plenty of holiday homes for rent on websites like Bookabach. You can also stay at the nearby Whangapoua Holiday Park, where you can find sites for RVs, tents, and caravans, and even cabins to rent. It's open seasonally, so book ahead. Of course, if you're staying near the beach, don't forget the one laundry item you should always pack on your trip