One Of Georgia's Biggest And Best State Parks Offers Secluded Camping And Glamping Options

Some states are filled with exciting cities, while others with emptiness and room to breathe, and there are even some you will visit and never want to leave. One such state is Georgia. The Peach State is well-supplied with ways to enjoy nature, offering plenty of hiking experiences in its 11 national and 40 state parks. However, not all parks are created equal. As the fifth largest and one of the most popular parks, Cloudland Canyon State Park is a great place to rest up, recharge, and enjoy the magic of nature while living your best life camping in a secluded area of the forest or glamping in one of their trendy yurts.  


Cloudland Canyon State Park is located on the eastern edge of Lookout Mountain in Dade County and only 30 miles away from Chattanooga, Tennessee. This lovely park covers 3,485 acres and includes 30 miles of biking trails, 64 miles of hiking trails, and 16 miles of horseback riding. Within the lush, green wonderland are plenty of activities for the whole family, such as disc golf, cave tours by reservation, picnics, fishing, and geocaching, just to name a few. This park is top-notch for another reason: they have all-terrain inclusive wheelchairs and the choice of an accessible yurt or cottage. While you can come and explore the park for the day, it is a lot of affordable fun to spend the night or the whole week. 


What to expect in Cloudland Canyon

Throughout the charming southern park are trails crisscrossing and bisecting the forest as they lead the excited visitors to the best places in the wilderness. After a full day of checking out canyons that measure thousands of feet deep, sneaking a peak at a few wild caves for the expert cavers or spelunkers, spying on some of the local wildlife, and checking out the thrilling Waterfall Trail down 600 metal-grate stairs, you'll want a nice place to get some rest. Visitors have struck gold if they spend a night or three at Cloudland Canyon State Park. Within the park, visitors will find a host of accommodations for everyone, including your dog. 


Choose from 10 glamping yurts, 30 lean-to campsites, 11 backcountry primitive campsites, 16 cottages, 72 tent/trailer/RV sites with electricity, four pioneer shed campsites, or one group lodge capable of holding 40 people. One review on Tripadvisor states the campground is large with plenty of well-spread-out tent campsites and that it is impossible to hear the other campers from the distance of the sites. The forest trails are as rugged as any outdoors enthusiast could want, and having your car parked nearby is a comfort. 

Glamping, cute cottages, and rugged camping await at Cloudland Canyon

Even with the variety of options to choose from, visitors are cautioned to reserve their yurt or cottage far in advance to avoid disappointment. Everyone is familiar with primitive camping, though, in the park, you can choose primitive camping with electricity or in a more secluded area with lots of space. The pioneer camping is also primitive but includes a small three-sided building to sleep in, which is convenient for those of us who fight with tent setup. However, make sure to bring plenty of insect repellent and try out this neat trick with coffee to keep the bitey buggers away from your camp. 


The glamping side of the fun happens in the yurts and cottages. The cottages are spacious, adorable and can fit up to 10 people, but dogs are not allowed near the cottages or yurts. The interesting looking yurt is the most popular choice since it is unusual and very much like living in a teepee from long ago (only with heat and air conditioning). Some, like "yurt 1," are more secluded than others, while others are bigger to accommodate more people. Most have a 20-foot diameter and 12-foot ceiling with futons to sleep on. Staying overnight truly is a one-of-a-kind experience when paired with the majestic waterfalls and hikes, especially when it's a weekend at Cloudland Canyon State Park.