Readers' Poll: Best Cruise Lines Of The Caribbean

Casinos. Spas. Grand buffets. The biggest cruise lines in the world deliver them all, but does that make them the best cruise options? We asked our readers to name their top 5 cruise lines serving the Caribbean. You might be surprised which line of smaller ships made the list.

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Best Caribbean Cruises: Disney
If you love the House of Mouse, you won't be disappointed in the Ship of Mouse — Disney's legendary attention to detail and service reaches its zenith on its four classic ocean liners. Yes, you'll see Mickey and friends, Pixar favorites and the ubiquitous princesses, but the real magic is in the line's innovative, only-from-Disney touches, including a virtual porthole in interior staterooms, a fireworks show at sea and an animated dinner starring ... you. Check itineraries and latest rates. | Disney
Best Caribbean Cruises: Windstar
Think of the romance of sailing the ocean blue, and chances are the ship you just conjured in your imagination has a mast and billowing sails. If it's also built and appointed like a yacht, you might actually be looking at Windstar Cruises poster — but don't be fooled by the ships' luxe feel, the ambience is decidedly laid-back and the experience is exotic, even in the well-traveled Caribbean. And for those who prefer power to sail, the line recently added the Star Pride to its four-ship fleet. Check itineraries and latest rates. | windstar
Best Caribbean Cruises: Carnival
Carnival's single-minded determination to corner the market on fun — they're "Fun Ships," after all — has seen the party-hearty line roll out its "Fun Ship 2.0" initiative across the fleet, with upgrades to onboard restaurants and bars and new entertainment options, including fully interactive versions of popular board games and comedy clubs curated by George Lopez. And with 20+ ships, there are precious few Caribbean destinations that Carnival doesn't visit. Check itineraries and latest rates. | Carnival
Best Caribbean Cruises: Royal Caribbean
When it comes to action and innovation, few lines rival Royal Caribbean's enviable list of unique onboard offerings and behemoth-sized ships. Rock-climbing walls, ice-skating rinks and surf simulators are standard on the larger ships, and the line will up the ante next year on the Quantum of the Seas with a skydiving simulator, roller-skating rink and flying trapeze classes. To top it off, Royal Caribbean has both its own island in the Bahamas and a private stretch of coast on Haiti. Check itineraries and latest rates. | Royal Caribbean