Ashley Burns

Photo of Ashley Burns
Orlando, FL
University Of Central Florida
Caribbean Resorts, Mexican Destinations, Tropical Golf Courses
  • Ashley has spent the better part of a decade visiting and exploring most of the Caribbean islands, immersing himself in local culture and history.
  • From Florida to Hawaii, and especially while visiting some of Mexico's best resorts, Ashley has played golf on some of the world's most beautiful courses.
  • More than anything, Ashley loves learning about island cuisine from native chefs who use old recipes and local ingredients to create amazing dishes.


A professional editor and writer for more than 20 years, Ashley has worked in a wide variety of niches, from pop culture to sport fishing. For the last seven years, he has developed a deep fondness for travel media while writing hundreds of articles about beautiful resorts and captivating destinations. His goal is to visit all of the remaining Caribbean islands within the next year.


Ashley studied communications and journalism at the University of Central Florida, home of the 2017 National Champions.

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