Antigua and Barbuda Travel Guide

antigua half-moon bay

With resorts aplenty, one beach for every day of the year (seriously, there are 365 beaches) and beautiful waters beloved by boaters, Antigua offers a little something for everyone, sure, but it’s the kind of destination that wins visitors over and never leaves their heart. That’s what we hear the most about Antigua—people who have experienced its most beautiful spots, like Turner’s Beach and Pigeon Point, and stayed at the best resorts are so smitten with this island that they return year after year.

But don’t forget about Barbuda. In this West Indian dual nation, this is the forgotten stepchild, but that’s not a bad thing for people looking for peace and magnificent seclusion. Only half the size of Antigua, Barbuda has its own beautiful beaches and is especially great for nature lovers and snorkelers. Both islands offer something truly special, and the people will make first-time guests feel like they’re home.

Where to Stay in Antigua and Barbuda

Things to Do in Antigua and Barbuda