Sky Ariella

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New York
Hunter College
Solo Female Travel, Asian Destinations, Adventure Travel
  • Over the past five years, Sky has traveled to 15+ countries across Europe, Asia, and the Americas so far.
  • She has frequented all different types of beaches, from little-known private islands in Cambodia to bustling city-side seasides in Spain.
  • Accompanied by her dog named Bear, Sky lived in both Spain and Mexico City and she even took her little Pomeranian on a road trip through the country to a mountain village in Oaxaca.


Sky is a professional writer with 4+ years of experience in the travel, lifestyle, and culinary niches. She was planning on heading to law school after exploring the world for a bit, but once she got a taste for travel, she knew she wasn't meant to spend her whole life confined by walls of classrooms and offices. Ever since then, Sky has been developing her career as a professional writer in the travel, career, and lifestyle niches. Her articles have garnered millions of readers on sites like Travel Lemming, Zippia, FashionCast, Booking, and Explore. Sky also writes documentary scripts for a major YouTube channel and has her own thriving blog on Medium.


Sky graduated cum laude from Hunter College in 2018. She earned a bachelor's degree in psychology with minors in philosophy and English, all of which have been of great use throughout her writing career.

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