Guadeloupe Islands Travel Guide

The Guadeloupe Islands represent the French’s presence in the Caribbean. It is comprised of six inhabited islands, boasting a population of just under 400,000. When you go, you’ll likely stay on one of its two largest islands: Grande-Terre or Basse-Terre. 

When it comes to terrain, the islands are nearly polar opposites of their counterparts: Eastern Grande-Terre is mostly flat with a dry climate and populated with sugar-cane plantations; on Basse-Terre, stand in awe at the volcano La Grande Soufrière, or explore the Guadeloupe National Park and its lush, natural wonders of elevated forests, waterfalls and rivers.

Where to Stay in the Guadeloupe Islands

The Guadeloupe Islands are in the Caribbean, so you know it follows its fellow islands when it comes to providing the best hospitality at its resorts and hotels. Many Guadeloupe resorts are beachside, of course, so you’ll never long for sand between your toes. It’s not a Caribbean island without a few all-inclusive resorts, too, touting unlimited access to local food and beautiful vistas from infinity pools, among other amenities, making a Guadeloupe vacation worthy of splurging.

Things to Do in the Guadeloupe Islands

You can’t travel to the Guadeloupe Islands and not explore its waters via snorkeling or scuba diving. If you’re not keen on getting wet, fear not: There are glass-bottom boats to take you around the islands’ clear waters, showcasing colorful marine life. Like other Caribbean islands, the beaches on Guadeloupe are sights to behold, and visiting them should be at the top of your things to do list. Some are only accessible by dirt roads, so be ready to get your feet dirty (don’t worry; you’ll wash them soon).