ISLANDS On Assignment: Meet Our Travel Photographers

islands on assignment whittle barbely photo

ISLANDS magazine is known for its spectacular photography of the world's most beautiful islands. Now's your chance to see how we get those amazing photos -- and learn to take better travel photography yourself. ISLANDS On Assignment: Dominican Republic is our all-new photo workshop led by two of the key experts who bring you the best travel photography anywhere. Find out how you can meet them and learn from them in person in this exclusive event.

Jon Whittle
ISLANDS Senior Staff Photographer
Yes, he has the dream job, and that's because he has the dream skills. Jon has been shooting award-winning travel photography for 18 years. "The best gear is nice to have," Jon says, "but only if you know the best techniques for using it. More important is having a genuine appreciation for people in their cultures. Build a relationship, and you can build a great story."

** Lori Barbely**
ISLANDS Photo Editor
Think you have the next picture of the year? Lori will judge that. It's what she does. Her eye for detail is a main reason ISLANDS is known for photography excellence. She coaches the most accomplished pros and the most eager amateur shooters. "What excites me is helping a picture go from adequate to excellent, with a few tips. To do that on location is the ultimate."