Sanjay Surana

Photo of Sanjay Surana
Brooklyn, NY
University Of Bristol - England
Luxury Travel, Asian Destinations, Consumer Travel
  • Sanjay has lived and worked in three continents, giving him a deep appreciation of the importance of travel, both personally and for humanity as a whole.
  • The scope of his wanderlust isn't driven by overseas locations, he is just as excited to be exploring New York by foot or bicycle as new destinations halfway around the world.
  • The outdoors are always calling him, and he enjoys taking to the water, hiking, biking, and experiencing natural environments.


Born in London, Sanjay started his journalism career as a copy editor for a newspaper in Hong Kong, followed by a stint as a television columnist for a magazine there. His work in travel media began more than two decades ago, as an editor at Condé Nast Traveler in New York. Since freelancing, he has written on travel for numerous publications in the United States and overseas. His travel wish-list — and languages that he would like to learn — gets longer every year.


Sanjay received a degree in politics and economics from the University of Bristol, located in England's West Country.

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